Upcycle Plastic Containers from Strawberry or Rotisserie Chicken Packaging into Mini Greenhouses for Seed Starting

I adore springtime as it allows me to resume gardening and witness the world turn lush and beautiful. Here’s a remarkably simple technique to initiate the growth of some of your seeds indoors before transplanting them to your garden. Utilize plastic containers that are at least 3 inches tall. Fill the bottom part approximately two-thirds … Read more

10 DIY Toys for Chickens

Chickens love to get busy. They enjoy running around, scratching, and pecking at things all the time. Now when they can’t find anything that resembles those activities, they get bored. And when they do, it could lead to unhealthy behavior and cause serious health problems for your chooks. Your chickens are going to peck each other, and … Read more

4 Best DIY Chicken Feather Crafts You Must Love

Chicken Feather

In some of our previous articles we have discussed clipping chicken feathers, reasons for feather loss, and this made us think – if we want to give good and unique ideas to our readers for everything surrounding their chicken why not share a few chicken feather crafts.

Almost every chicken keeper I have talked to said that they don’t want to throw away the feathers but they rarely find some usage for them.

We know that the industry has many uses for them such as pillow stuffing, diapers, making paper or plastic, and many more.

DIY crafts are a lot of fun to make. And, if you have a few chicken feathers lying around, then why not try making something with them? So, here are some cool and simple DIY chicken feather projects.

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What to do with your eggshells? 10 inspiring ideas to help you decide

10 amazing things you can do with your egg shells4

When I started breeding chickens I was spending a lot of time researching things that I can do with their eggs or eggshells. Therefore, you are asking yourself what to do with your eggshells?

After some discussions with more experienced chicken breeders, one of the things that I found out which amazed me was all the things you can do with your eggshells.

Honestly, I used to throw them away with the rest of the trash but now I am finding more and more uses for them.

This is what inspired us at the typesofchicken.com team to give you this article about the 10 amazing things you can do with your eggshells.

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DIY Chicken Coop

Building the best chicken coops and runs yourself is possible even if you have only basic carpentry skills. I say this because I am proof!   My construction skills were never my strong point, but hey, I’m handy enough with a hammer and screwdriver around the house…I just never built a house! But, I figure since I’m going … Read more

DIY Automatic Chicken Waterer with Nipple Drippers

DIY Automatic Chicken Waterer

Just like us humans, pets and livestock need clean drinking water to stay healthy. When it comes to raising chickens, the water gets easily dirty with beddings and droppings.   Clean water is not just necessary for good health – it also plays a big role on egg production. When you deprive your chickens with … Read more

Great solutions to reduce Chicken Feed waste

Wasted chicken feeds can cost you more than you’re willing to charge as wastage. So if you’re planning or are already raising chickens in your backyard, keeping wastage to a minimum is essential. Your choice of chicken feeder will help you save on feeds by reducing or eliminating wasted feeds. Although store-bought poultry feeders are … Read more