4 Best DIY Chicken Feather Crafts You Must Love

In some of our previous articles we have discussed clipping chicken feathers, reasons for feather loss, and this made us think – if we want to give good and unique ideas to our readers for everything surrounding their chicken why not share a few chicken feather crafts.

Almost every chicken keeper I have talked to said that they don’t want to throw away the feathers but they rarely find some usage for them.

We know that the industry has many uses for them such as pillow stuffing, diapers, making paper or plastic, and many more.

DIY crafts are a lot of fun to make. And, if you have a few chicken feathers lying around, then why not try making something with them? So, here are some cool and simple DIY chicken feather projects.

1. Chicken Feather Wreath for your front door

This is one of the crafts with chicken feathers that is not so difficult to make – you will need:

  • 4 wooden boards around 20 cm (8 inches) long and 10 cm(4 inches) wide
  • Some nails
  • Glue (you can use any kind of glue, as long as you can stick the feathers to the boards)
  • Chicken feathers (the variety of colors you use is totally up to you)
  • Connect the wooden boards using the nails so that when you are done, they will make an almost perfect square. Then you just glue the feathers on the already connected boards so they cover the boards and make a circle.
  • If by any chance you don’t have enough feathers to cover the wooden square you can get creative and paint it.

2. DIY Chicken Feather Christmas Tree (or a feather hat)

You can use this for decoration during the holidays and because it is very easy to make without any hazardous and sharp materials you can easily give it to your children along with the instructions – you will need:

Christmas Tree with chicken feathers craft
  • A square cardboard cutout (the size of it is up to you and how much room you have planned for this particular project)
  • Blank paper (the size should be the same as the square cardboard cutout)
  • Glue (you can use whatever kind of glue you want, as long you can stick the feathers to the paper)
  • Chicken feathers (You can dye your feathers or just use their normal color totally up to you)
  • Thin stretchy string (If you want to make a hat)
  • Glue the blank paper to one side of the cardboard square. Make a cone out of the cardboard square and glue it together so that the side with the paper is out. Then just squash the feathers together so they become as fluffy as possible and glue them all over the paper.
  • If you want to make the hat then just make small holes and connect the stretchy string through it so it will not fall off when it is put on someone`s head.
  • If by any chance you don’t have enough feathers just get creative with the color of the paper.

3. DIY Christmas Tree Feather Decorations

A big Christmas tree requires a lot of decorations, and this gives you a perfect opportunity for you to use your leftover feathers.

I have seen many different Christmas tree decorations made of feathers – from as simple as just putting a string through the feathers to something as complicated as a feather star for the top of the tree.

But one particular decoration caught my eye and that is why I decided to share this one with our readers.

To make one of these you will need:

  • An empty light bulb (just the glass part of it)
  • A short string
  • Chicken feathers with the color of your choosing
  • Some colorless duck tape
  • Once you remove everything from the light bulb put the feathers inside so they can create the color you want. Stick the duck tape on the end of the light bulb so that half of the sticky part is not stuck to anything, then just fold it and put the string through the tape so you don’t damage the glass.
chicken feather
via Pixabay

4. DIY Feather Earrings

These supplies are needed to craft your feather earrings:

  • Earring hooks
  • Cord ends aka crimp beads with loop ends
  • Feathers
  • Strong quick-drying glue
  • Jewelry making tools
Create your own chicken feathered earring

If you have the necessary supplies, let’s get feathered!

  1.  First, pull out your feathers and clump about 10 or so (more or less depending on the kind of feathers you’re using) together with all their ends lining up together tightly.
  2.  Next, take your glue and just dip the end of your feather clump into it.  Don’t get too much, this is simply to hold the feathers together so you can put the crimp end on.
  3. Hold the feather clump in one hand while the glue gets tacky and take the crimp end in the other hand.  Carefully place the feather clump end into the center of the open crimp end. Loop side up!  You’ll need that loop to attach the earring.  The tacky glue will help hold the ends in place on the crimp end while you take your flat nose plyers and pinch the sides of the crimp ends down into the center to securely lock in the feathers.
  4. Repeat these steps for the other earring.
  5. Now its time to attach the earring itself to the feather clump.   Open the loop at the end of the earring by twisting it with your pliers.  Do not try to PULL the loop open as this will make it difficult to completely close once you have the feathers on.  TWIST.  DON’T PULL.  Once it is open enough, slide the crimp end loop onto the earring loop and twist the earring loop closed again.  Easy breezy and you’re done!

Now make a ton more with the leftover supplies because all your friends will want a pair! Happy crafting everyone!

You can also create your own:

DIY Chicken Feeder

We at the typesofchicken.com team try to provide you with the kind of DIY projects that could use your imagination as a necessary ingredient in their creations because this is one of the many ways we want to interact with our readers. Do you have different chicken feather crafts in mind – make sure you share them with us.

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