What to do with your eggshells? 10 inspiring ideas to help you decide

When I started breeding chickens I was spending a lot of time researching things that I can do with their eggs or eggshells. Therefore, you are asking yourself what to do with your eggshells?

After some discussions with more experienced chicken breeders, one of the things that I found out which amazed me was all the things you can do with your eggshells.

Honestly, I used to throw them away with the rest of the trash but now I am finding more and more uses for them.

This is what inspired us at the typesofchicken.com team to give you this article about the 10 amazing things you can do with your eggshells.

1. What to do with eggshells in the garden?

I crushed them into small pieces and sprinkled them.

After some time the number of snails and slugs in her garden was reduced.

Apparently, those soft-bodied critters really don’t like sharp objects like eggshells.

2. Another gardening related to tomatoes

They can help your tomatoes from rotting at the bottom end – which I think that everyone who has tomatoes in his garden has encountered this problem.

Place them at the bottom of the hole when transplanting the tomatoes and their calcium levels will remain normal and they will have fewer chances to rot.

3. Are eggshells good for dogs?

Yes, they can help your dog get better if it has problems like diarrhea.

Gather a certain amount of eggshells then crush them into a powder, pour the powder on the dogs’ food, it will do wonders for your dogs’ stool.

Eggshells can help your dog get better if it has problems like diarrhea.
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4. Ice cream companies use eggshell powder to their ice cream to give it a calcium boost,

I tried it with my homemade ice cream and it doesn’t affect the taste. I recommend this to everyone whose children can`t get their hands on their homemade ice cream.

5. When washing white clothes add a handful of clean eggshells and 2 or 3 slices of lemon,

this will keep your white clothes from turning grey. This is a very good trick for everyone who has tried different factory made chemical remedies to keep their white clothes white.

When washing white clothes add a handful of clean eggshells and 2 or 3 slices of lemon
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6. Are eggshells good for chickens

Yes, just crush the eggshells and feed them to your chickens,

This will do wonders for their calcium level, which will automatically affect their health and behavior. This is doing wonders for my hens, and it saves me the trouble of going to the store and buying some factory-made calcium pills.

7. Are eggshells good to put in compost?

Adding eggshells to your pile or tumbler will give you a good amount of calcium to your compost.

If you don’t have compost, turn the crushed eggshells in your garden patch, still much better than throwing them away.

egg shells
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8. Imagine this, your pan has some food stuck on it and you use your regular pan scrubber or sponge to remove it

– when you finish scrubbing the food is gone but there are scratches on the pan and that is not what you wanted. To avoid these people use crushed eggshells to scrub the pan.

9. Eggshells in coffee calcium?

This is by far one of the weirdest things I have seen people do with eggshells, they boil it in their coffee.

This is especially done for people with diabetes because they reduce the bitterness of the coffee without them having to add sugar.

10. If your children are bored and they are running and doing stuff that can get them hurt,

try to give them some eggshells and give them the idea to make a collage – with some painting and an incentive for a reward, your children will stay quiet for hours.

What to do with your eggshells
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