Upcycle Plastic Containers from Strawberry or Rotisserie Chicken Packaging into Mini Greenhouses for Seed Starting

I adore springtime as it allows me to resume gardening and witness the world turn lush and beautiful.

Here’s a remarkably simple technique to initiate the growth of some of your seeds indoors before transplanting them to your garden. Utilize plastic containers that are at least 3 inches tall.

Fill the bottom part approximately two-thirds full with seed starting soil (not potting soil) and plant the seeds according to the package instructions.

As the bottom part of the container already has holes, it facilitates easy drainage of water. The lid keeps in a bit more moisture to assist with seed germination and prevents little hands from tampering with the soil.

Put the containers in a location where they receive indirect sunlight, ensure that they remain moist, and await the magic!

Another advantage of using strawberry containers to start seeds is that if you use a larger one, you can plant various types of seeds and label the lid accordingly. For instance, my container with five distinct lettuce varieties and some spinach is my “salad” container.

By Megan
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