Chicken Treats

Treats that you can give to your chicken

Can chickens eat Poison Ivy?

do chickens eat poison ivy?

Poison ivy is a plant that causes severe allergic reactions in people who come into contact with it. It causes rashes, blisters, and sometimes even hospitalization. But despite its name, poison ivy does not make chickens ill. Chickens love eating poison ivy! They’ll happily gobble up the leaves and stems without any ill effects. That’s …

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Is Oregano Good For Chickens?

Oregano For Chickens

There are numerous real herbs that are gainful to both people and chickens. Truth be told, most of these herbs have something positive to offer, and numerous are utilized as a part of all-encompassing pharmaceuticals around the world. One such ponder herb with numerous extraordinary offerings is oregano, coming from the mint family which can …

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Can chickens eat daisies? (other flowers included)

Are daisies safe for chickens

I always wondered do chickens eat daisies? -The answer is yes, chickens can eat daisies. In fact, they love slurping daisy flowers. Is this the year you’re planning a flower garden? Are you interested in growing plants that serve many purposes? You may be curious as to what kinds of flowers chickens like.

Can Chickens Eat Carrots?

Can Chickens eat Carrots?

We all know that chickens love to eat seeds, corn, table scraps, and bugs but can they eat carrots? The short answer is yes they can eat carrots and they will enjoy it. Many chickens like to eat a little bit of carrot with their corn! “My chickens will gobble up any veggie offered and …

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Can chickens eat sweet feed?

It’s OK to add some sweet feed to your hens’ regular feed, but remember that chickens need a specific diet. Chickens may get sweet feed sometimes, but it should be avoided as much as possible. That’s why in this article I’ll go into the nitty gritty of chicken feed, why some people mix chicken feed …

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