Great solutions to reduce Chicken Feed waste

Wasted chicken feeds can cost you more than you’re willing to charge as wastage. So if you’re planning or are already raising chickens in your backyard, keeping wastage to a minimum is essential. Your choice of chicken feeder will help you save on feeds by reducing or eliminating wasted feeds. Although store-bought poultry feeders are … Read more

6 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Chicken Feeder ideas

We’ve featured an inexpensive DIY chicken feeder made of PVC before. But while it is a great idea, it is also not always for everyone. The best kind of chicken feeder would depend on the number of chooks you are raising, the size and design of the coop, the materials readily available to you and the problems … Read more

DIY Incubator for Chicken From Your Old Kitchen Cabinet?

You can build an incubator for your eggs easy and cheap, however, you have to put in the work. Hatching eggs is a process that takes up to 21 days. Here are a few steps on how to build your own DIY Incubator for chicken. Paying attention to both humidity and temperature is mandatory. Incubating … Read more

How To Build A Safe Electric Chicken Fence

Safe Electric Chicken Fence

Protection and proper nutrition are on the top of chicken keepers everywhere “TO DO” list. It doesn’t matter if you just started getting interested in the whole thing.

Furthermore, it’s highly recommended to pay attention to making a safe home for your chickens to grow in.

Predators lurk around their prey through the day, not only at night.

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This Amazing DIY CHICKEN RUN is what your backyard needs!

Chicken Run

Being a chicken keeper is not an easy thing because not every chicken wants to be locked in a chicken coop. Our life is filled with different kinds of projects, and this CHICKEN RUN was so special that we wanted to share it with you.

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Best Chicken Feeders And Waterers From Around The World!

We at the typesofchicken.com team have previously given our readers articles concerning the best nesting boxes from around the world, the best coops and other articles about how amazing chicken keeping can be and if we are lucky give you a few ideas so you can experiment on your own.

For this article we have prepared for you some of the best chicken feeders we found online. We want to encourage our readers to try to make and improvise to satisfy the food and water needs of their chickens.

Chickens are fun and affordable to keep and this is one of the ways you can make the whole process more interesting.

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10 DIY Nesting Boxes for chickens

Diy Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes are a crucial part in the chicken keeping process.

They are that important piece that helps you pick up eggs easier and handle your broody hens.  

Since the world of backyard chicken keeping is getting bigger we decided to share with our readers some nesting boxes ideas that we found amazing.

And as always pictures and descriptions are in order and without any further ado here are the Most Amazing DIY Nesting Boxes for chickens.

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How To Make Your Own Chicken Feeder – DIY Project!

How To Make Your Own Chicken Feeder

Feeding your chickens can be easy if you find the method that makes it easy for you to do it. In order to make it simpler for you to feed your chickens, you will need quick and easy access to their feeder in order to save time feeding them and the feeder will be easier to clean.

Chicken keepers all over the world have been using PVC pipes in order to make feeders and waterers for their chickens because the availability,  usefulness, and price of the material makes it very good for these purposes.

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