DIY Projects

DIY Projects for your chickens

How To Build Your Own Chicken Brooder!

Taking care of baby chicks can be troublesome at the start. Learn how to have a perfect startup and find out how to build a chick brooder for as little as a couple of dollars.

DIY Spinning Wheel Toy For Your Chickens!

More than a source of pure fun, chickens need entertainment so that they can exercise and socialize more efficiently. Both regular exercise and socializing are important to maintain a happy pecking order. The spinning wheel toy for your chickens is easy to make, and it is not a lot time-costly.

This Amazing DIY CHICKEN RUN is what your backyard needs!

Chicken Run

Being a chicken keeper is not an easy thing because not every chicken wants to be locked in a chicken coop. Our life is filled with a different kind of projects, and this CHICKEN RUN was so special that we wanted to share with you.