Women created the perfect *Haunted* Chicken Coop

Creating the perfect chicken coop is hard, but this member from our Facebook Chicken Group proves that wrong.
She is a Halloween nerd, and her chickens have also some Halloween-y names, so she thought why not give them a Haunted House Home.

We can see only before and after pictures, but she promised that we will get an inside look into the manor!

Here is Poultry-geist Manor 😁 (before and after) hope you like it.

One of my favorite comments from the post was:

They look out the window and say. Halt who goeth there!!

This project made my day, so I had to share this adorable chicken coop with you.

Hope you like it, and you will share this with your hubby so he will have some idea what his next DIY project will be!

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