What is the Best Way to Age Chicken Manure Before Using it as Fertilizer?

Chicken manure is a valuable resource for gardeners looking for an organic source of fertilizer. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, it can be used to improve soil health, promote plant growth, and increase yields. However, fresh chicken manure can be too strong for some plants, leading to burning or stunted growth. That’s why aging … Read more

How to keep chickens warm without Electricity

How to keep chickens warm without Electricity

Keeping your chickens warm during the colder months is important for their health and well-being. If you don’t have access to electricity, there are a few ways you can keep your chickens warm without it. Chickens are able to regulate their body temperature to a certain extent, but they do rely on external sources of … Read more

Little Girl is rocking on TikTok (we can all learn from her)

Okay, this is not a normal type of blog post that we write. I stumbled upon a chicken account on TikTok, and I was amazed! We normally write about tips and tricks for raising chickens, but this girl got our attention! Firstly, you can find her mostly on TikTok. Here is the account name: farm_12344 … Read more

What do you put in a chick brooder? *materials, off heat, health hazard*

chicks in a brooder

A poultry brooder houses/heats hatchling poultry until they can be off heat, replacing mother hens.  The rule is, starting at 95F, 5F degrees lower each week (by raising the heating element) until they have either fully feathered out or have experienced the same lowest ambient temperature as outside (i.e. lowest outside temperature is 75F degrees … Read more

Why are Pet Chickens becoming more popular?

Pet Chickens

Speaking for my wife and I, we initially rescued some ex-battery hens, destined for who knows where, at an auction, they didn’t cost us much, one little lady had no feathers on, and we didn’t buy them expecting any eggs, that was the whole reason the commercial egg farmers were auctioning their girls off in … Read more