How to keep chickens warm without Electricity

How to keep chickens warm without Electricity

Keeping your chickens warm during the colder months is important for their health and well-being. If you don’t have access to electricity, there are a few ways you can keep your chickens warm without it. Chickens are able to regulate their body temperature to a certain extent, but they do rely on external sources of … Read more

What do you put in a chick brooder? *materials, off heat, health hazard*

chicks in a brooder

A poultry brooder houses/heats hatchling poultry until they can be off heat, replacing mother hens.  The rule is, starting at 95F, 5F degrees lower each week (by raising the heating element) until they have either fully feathered out or have experienced the same lowest ambient temperature as outside (i.e. lowest outside temperature is 75F degrees … Read more

Why are Pet Chickens becoming more popular?

Pet Chickens

We see a lot of people are starting to keep chickens in their homes as pets.  We were curious about this topic and wanted to search what are people thinking of this topic. We found some interesting answers on the web that we would like to share with you. Carlos Allende, former Cackleberry Farmer (2001-2015) … Read more

Which Building Materials Are Safe And Which Are Not For Chickens To Peck At!

A big number of chicken keepers, especially the DIY type have experienced their chickens pecking at the materials that were used inside or outside of the chicken coop. This, in most cases, is not that important or bad for the chickens but from time to time chickens can peck at things that are build of materials that are unsafe for them and that can lead to more trouble soon after.

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Fixing A Muddy Run – How To Do It!

Fixing A Muddy Run

Having a muddy run around your chicken coop can have a bad affect on the health of your chickens.  It can increase the chances of your chickens getting bumblefeet and of course bad hygiene which can be easily transferred inside of the coop and that leads to many more problems. This is why a well maintained run is as important as a well maintained coop. 

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How To Protect Your Coop From Cats & Dogs!

Chickens attract a lot of predators – foxes, raccoons, eagles and domesticated cats and dogs.

Cats and dogs are especially dangerous for small chicks.

Many chicken keepers own also cats or dogs and that can sometimes be a problem if your chickens are not properly protected.

That is what made us, the typesofchicken.com team prepare an article for our readers concerning the protection of your chickens from the most common household pets.

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