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5 Best Chickens for Texas, United States (heat hardy, temperament, and origin)

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Texans take pride in just about everything, whether it’s their football teams, barbeque, or their egg-laying chickens. There’s no denying that a chicken coop full of freshly laid eggs is a satisfying sight for homesteaders and hobbyists alike. But if you’re looking to raise the best egg-laying chickens in Texas, you’ll also want to consider …

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How To Raise A Friendly Rooster!

Raise A Friendly Rooster

Roosters can be aggressive and loud. Many chicken keepers even avoid roosters in their flock due to their “complicated” attitude. They are aggressive and often bully other chickens in the congregation. Most chicken keepers keep one rooster per 7+ hens, none at all, or, in some cases, separated from the hens. Chicken keepers that allow their eggs to …

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How long do chickens live?

The average lifespan of a chicken is from four to nine years. Why such a wide range? Mostly because there are so many different kinds of chickens living under a wide range of conditions. How long does a hen live? A well-cared-for hen that is kept safe from predators, for example, could live as long …

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Australorp Rooster Temperament

Australorp Rooster Behavior

The Australorp is one of the most popular breeds of chicken. This breed has an adventurous personality, which means they’re always looking for fun ways to keep themselves busy. But, what about the roosters? Are they friendly or mean? Do they attack people or do they like to be petted? Depending on how you raise …

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Leghorn Rooster Temperament

Leghorn Rooster Temperament

The Leghorn rooster is certainly an interesting specimen. These birds, which are physically similar to other types of chickens, are known for their beautiful white feathers. They’re also very popular in the United States because they lay large eggs and are incredibly docile — which makes them easy for most people to handle. However, this …

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