31+ Epic Chicken Roost Ideas That Will Turn Your Coop into a Cozy Paradise!”

The benefit of having chicken roosts is that you can let your chickens sleep comfortably, just like us who sleep on the bed.

Other than that, it is how the chicken protect themselves from the clutches of predators when the night comes.

If you are raising chickens, here are the chicken roost ideas to inspire you.

Tree Branch Chicken Roost

Tree Branch Chicken Roost Ideas

You don’t need to spend lots of money to create the chicken roost. Try utilizing the tree branches that are available in your backyard.

Create a wooden frame, then attach the branches to it. It is a simple project, which requires less money. Besides, you can finish the project within hours.

Measure the width and the length of the roost, so that your chickens could perch as well. Attach it to the wall and create a sloping roost.

Wood And The Mesh Wire Chicken Roost

Wood And The Mesh Wire Chicken Roost Ideas
From motherearthnews.com

Attach the wooden chicken roost to the wall to support it and make it way sturdier. Combine it with the open mesh wire underneath.

When night comes, the chickens will perch on the roost and stay for the whole night. To simplify your cleaning time, put the bin with the open mesh wire to cover it.

It will prevent the chickens from scratching in it. It is a good way to collect the droppings easily. This kind of roost is great for a few chickens on the small coop.

Tiered Wood Slices

Tiered Chicken Roost Ideas
From artfulroost.com

Since the chickens are also love climbing, choose the tiered chicken roost. Without spending much money, you can make a proper chicken roost made out of the post and the log slice.

Stick the post to the ground. For a sturdier post, you can pour the concrete into the hole where you are going to attach the post. Then, install the log slices on the post using L brackets.

The wider space of the roosts allows the chickens to bring the food as well.

Multifunction Chicken Roost Ideas – chicken perch

Multifunction Chicken Roost Ideas

The multifunction stuff could be the best answer for the problems you have. It also works for the chicken roost. Install the chicken roost on the coop where you can let the chicken perch comfortably.

Choose the tree branch to make a chicken roost, it allows the chickens to grip on the branch as well.

The rough of the natural surface is better for the chicken instead of the sleek ones. It prevents the chicken from the slippery surface. Hence, the tree branch is not only inexpensive. Yet, it also could be a great roost for the chickens.

Diy Easy  Chicken Roost Ideas

Easy Chicken Roost Ideas
Via backyardchickenchatter.com

Those who are a beginner and those who are a woodworking expert would choose an easy DIY chicken roost. Choose the square dowels then cut them along the coop. The sloping installation is much better to deal with limited space.

Other than that, help your chickens to climb to the top of the roost through the steps. It is also made out of square dowels. Cut the dowel into shorter pieces, then install them in the middle of the roosts.

Branches Chicken Roost

Branches Chicken Roost Ideas

The tree branches look great to infuse a natural atmosphere. On the other side, it is a great budget-saver. Install the branch to the coops. Opt for the smaller branch to install in front of the nest. Screw them to the wooden supports.

On the other side, you can attach the bigger branch. Install the bigger branch higher. The higher roost must be stronger than the lower ones. Hence, it is a perfect option to install the bigger branch over the smaller branch.

Wood Slats Chicken Roost

Wood Slats Chicken Roost Ideas
From raising-chickens.org

Without doing so much work and material, you can transform the wooden slats into a proper chicken roost. You will need some wooden slats and screws to fasten the slats to each other.

Once it is perfectly installed, attach it to the wall. The sloping roost installation would be the best option. It is good for the small coop. On the other side, it convenient for the chickens to perch and sleep.

Log Swing Chicken Roost Ideas

Log Swing Chicken Roost Ideas

The log swing roost must be the best place to perch for the chickens. They will enjoy the warm sunlight comfortably with a smooth move from the wind.

Choose the bigger logs for a sturdier roost to perch so that the chicken can huddle up together when the night comes, especially when the weather is cooling down.

Hang the log on the posts using the chains, which are sturdier and more stable. The chain is also durable enough since it is weather-resistant.

Timber Chicken Roost

Timber Chicken Roost Ideas
Via Pinterest

Raise your chicken properly by feeding them as well and create a good coop so stay.

A great coop must be complemented by the roosts where the chicken could spend the night comfortably. Other than that, it is perfect for safety and security reasons.

Challenge your woodworking skill by creating the chicken roost with the following supplies:

  • 2×2 Timber, Large Dowel Rods or Tree Branches
  • 1×2 Timber
  • Bolts
  • Screws

Create a tiered roost to create a comfortable “bedroom” for them. Then, consider placing some plastic bin underneath. It helps you to clean the coop and collect the droppings way easier.

Chicken Roost Bridge

Chicken Roost Bridge Ideas

Elevate the value of your coop by installing the chicken roosting bridge. It doesn’t only good to upgrade the appearance of the coop. It offers a comfortable place for the chickens to sleep, relax, and protect themselves from predators.

Combine the small tree branches with the same cut size, then attach them to the chains. The chains are way more durable and stronger than the ropes.

It is weather friendly, which is fit for any kind of weather. Screw the chicken roosting bridge to the coop and ensure it is sturdy enough for some chickens to perch.

Chicken Roost Bar Ideas

Chicken Roost Bar Ideas

If you are raising lots of chickens, create an oversized chicken roost bar. The sloping bar installation would be perfect. It allows the chicken to climb easily.

Since it would accommodate a lot of chickens at the same time, you will need bigger and sturdier lumber to create a proper chicken roost bar.

Measure the chicken roost bar that perfects for the size of the coop and how much chicken you are going to raise. Paint the lumber for a better look, which melts with the wall.

Small Chicken Roost Ideas

Small Chicken Roost Ideas
From ana-white.com

The chicken roost ideas are work for both small and big sizes of the coop. It is crucial stuff that will bring happiness to the chickens you are raising.

Upgrade your skill by creating a DIY project. 

See the material below and get ready to create your own chicken roost. 

  • 14 – 2x4s, 8 feet long
  • 1 – sheet 3/4″ t1-11
  • 6 total T-Strap hinges
  • 30 feet of 30″ wide chicken wire 
  • 2 3/4″ exterior self-tapping deck screws
  • 1/2″ exterior staples for chicken wire
  • Scrap plywood piece
  • Optional 1x2s for trim out

Choose The Concrete Material

Concrete Chicken Roost Ideas
Instagram @tonealexander

The sturdy nest made out of concrete looks great if you want a durable coop. Paint white the coop with a decorative piece on top of the nest.

The top of the nest also could be a good idea to perch. It would spend lots of money in the beginning, indeed. Yet, it is durable enough where you don’t have to spend lots of money to maintain it.

Besides, it will work to accommodate all of your chickens when the night is coming.

Single Slat Chicken Roost

Single Slat Chicken Roost Ideas
Via backyardchickens.com

Even if the chickens are staying at the coop, they still need the roost to relax and protect themselves from predators. Keep it simple by attaching a slat and attach it to the post of the coop.
The wire net offers your chickens good air circulation.

Opt for the redwood that is strong enough. Other than that, it is weather-resistant so that you don’t need to worry about the weather.

Keep It Low

Low Chicken Roost Ideas

If you are wondering if it is possible to have a small coop to accommodate your chickens, here is the best idea to make it happens.

You will need the wooden board and the wire net and the metal sheet to create the roof. Add the chicken roost where you can let the chicken relax or even huddled when the weather is getting cold. Attach the small square dowel to the side part of the coop.

Simple Chicken Roost Plan

Simple Chicken Roost Plan Ideas
See details at homegardendesignplan.com

Don’t let your chicken is raised on the common coop. Build a sturdy coop with a simple model with a simple material you will need. Keep it comfy for the chicken by attaching the chicken roost made out of the wooden board.

Attach the chicken roost on the same level. The floating boards help your chicken huddled comfortably together. You can also add the wooden chicken roost inside. The chickens will huddle comfortably and warmly when the weather is cooling down.

Chicken Roost Ideas Behind The Door

Chicken Roost Ideas Behind The Door
Via creativehousewives.com

Installing the slim wooden slat close to the wall to offer a warm vibe for the chickens while perching and huddling at night.

Create a little gap between the wall and the roost to convenience the chickens. Cut the wood that fits the length of the coop, then screw the wood to the wall.

Support it with the piece of slat you can attach to the roost and the wall. Don’t forget to sand down the wood to create a smooth surface.

Corner Installations

Corner Chicken Roost Ideas

Attaching the chicken roost ideas to the corner of the coop could be a good option. You can let the chicken perch comfortably. They can huddle each other comfortably when it is cold. Also, the shorter wooden roost is sturdier enough instead of the longer ones.

It also doesn’t need lots of wood material to make it works. Attach the roost on one corner, then attach the other one higher on the different corner. Screw each side of the roost to the wooden frame of the coop.

Budget-Friendly Chicken Roost

Cheap Chicken Roost Ideas
Via turkeyrunner.com

When an inexpensive project is available, then it is the best choice you need to try. Upcycle the available materials around you to make it works. Complete the coop in your yard with the tree branches.

Install the tree branches to perch your chicken. Attach the branches to the support to make them sturdy. So that you can let the chickens stay in place in one when the weather is getting cold.

Opt For The Easy Way

DIY Easy Chicken Roost Ideas
Via diydanielle.com

The tree branch is the most popular stuff for the natural chicken roost. 

It is easy to find and also inexpensive, which means you don’t have to spend lots of money create a proper chicken roost. 

  • What you will need are:
  • Old branches
  • Screws
  • Drill/screwdriver bit

Choose the thicker fresh-cut wood instead of the old ones. The old branches are mostly brittle and prone to break, especially when the chickens are huddle together. When you’ve chosen the best branches, attach them to the coop. 

DIY Easy And Cheap Chicken Roost

DIY Easy And Cheap Chicken Roost Ideas
From grit.com

If you are planning to raise some chickens ensure you raise them properly in a good coop. And if you are on a budget and also a beginner, consider choosing the DIY easy and cheap chicken roost. It would need some board to create the wall of the coop.

Let your chicken perch comfortably on the tree branches that attach to the gap between the wooden board. Position them at different heights and secure in with a few wood screws.

Make It Practical

Portable Chicken Roost Ideas
Follow the instructions at jojochooks.wordpress.com

If you are wondering if it is possible to have a portable chicken roost without worrying about its sturdiness. The plastic crate and the wood must be a great combination you need to try.

The plastic crates support your wood and make it way stronger and also stable. Other than that, you can move it wherever you want easily, which is practical enough.

The crates also could be the additional roost for your chickens to perch.

Ladder Chicken Roost With Wire Net

Ladder Chicken Roost Ideas With Wire Net

Ensure your chicken perch and relax comfortably and safely on the chicken roost. Consider using the old ladder you can turn into a chicken roost.

For security and safety reasons, attach the wire net to the ladder. It helps your chicken stand way more stable and comfortable when perching and also climbing.

It is made out of a wooden frame and also a wire net. Pin the nail to hold the wire net and the wooden frame together.

Fancy Chicken Roost Ideas

Fancy Chicken Roost Ideas
From backyardchickens.com

Upgrade the look of the chicken coop and create a fancy chicken roost. The fancy chicken also needs a good quality of materials.

Choose the removable roosts you can attach near the windows to infuse a fresh breeze. Take the wood, then sand it down to create a smooth surface. It would be great for the chickens.

Other than that, sand down the wood, then polish it. It would create a clean and good appearance, which is perfect to complement the fancy coop appearance.

The Double Ladder

Double Ladder Chicken Roost Ideas
Via simplelivingcountrygal.com

The double ladder could be a good option to accommodate your chickens. The ladders are made out of wooden repurposed material.

Assemble the wooden slats, then screw them together. The sloping placement will help your chicken stay in place properly and comfortably.

Ensure you choose good quality wooden slats for a sturdier chicken roost. The thing you need to consider is that it is pretty hard to clean the ladder and sloping chicken roost.

Triangle Chicken Roost Ideas

Triangle Chicken Roost Ideas

If you are wondering how to fill in the corner of the coop, utilize it and turn it into the best place to stay for the chickens. Opt for a triangle chicken roost made out of wood material.

It is a smart way to utilize the corner of the coop and also upgrade the appearance of the coop with a simple touch.

Cut out the wooden boards where you can put the wooden slats to perch. Ensure they fit perfectly with the feet to perch.

Chicken Swing Roost Ideas

Chicken Swing Roost Ideas

The chicken swing roost might be a good choice to stay on when the night comes. But it could be a good option to relax and enjoy the summer breeze.

The installation is too low, it is too dangerous for the chicken to stay in the darkness. It is built from wood to support sturdily and complemented by the rope to hang the colorful boards.

Create the holes on the top part of the wooden frame to attach the rope.

Hang It To The Ceiling

Hanging Chicken Roost Ideas
Source shallowcreekhobbyfarm.com

Utilize the dead tree branch and turn it into a chicken roost. Hang the tree branch on the chain, which is attached to the wood ceiling beam.

The chain is strong enough to hold a big branch, that will accommodate the chickens to perch and huddle.

Ensure you get rid of the sharp objects on the branch. Complement the chicken roost with a lamp over the roost that will help your chickens stay warmer when the weather is getting cold.

Double Chicken Roost Ideas

Double Chicken Roost Ideas
From Pinterestshicke

Install the chicken roosts a little bit higher in your coop to protect the chickens from predators.
Facilitate your chicken to climb up to the roosts by creating a simple ladder.

Other than that, attach a wooden board under the roosts. It helps you to keep the droppings so that you can clean them easily.

Sand down the wood for a better surface. Then, install the wooden slats to the wall that could hold and support the roosts sturdily. Screw the roosts to the wall and the wooden slats.

Rustic Chicken Roost Ideas

Rustic Chicken Roost Ideas

Try applying the rustic style to the chicken roost in the coop. The natural bark of the wood and the chain accentuate the rustic style even more, which makes it works as the focal point of the coop.

Find the strong tree branches to create the swing. Choose the straight and the strong ones. Measure the perfect size of the roost that fits the size of the coop and also the number of chickens you are raising.

Install It In Front Of The Nest

Chicken Roost In Front Of Nest Ideas

However, installing the roost in front of the nest could be a good choice. It helps the chickens relax and perch easily.

Attach the wooden roosts and support them using the wood at the end of each wooden slats. Consider using the wooden dowel with a smooth surface, which is good for the feet.

Since the nest boxes are high enough installing a simple stepping made out of a wooden board is a great decision.

Bring In The Natural Vibe

Natural Chicken Roost Ideas
Source tillysnest.com

If you want to keep the natural look in your coop, the natural roost could be on your consideration to accentuate the natural look in your backyard.

The roost could be made out of the tree branch, which is supported by the twigs that create a frame.

You can tie the roost to the frame to keep it stay in place and stable enough instead of screw it together. But if you want to make it practical and removable, lay the branch chicken roost as well.

Consider The Stairs

Stepping Chicken Roost Ideas
From notesfromthefunnyfarm.files.wordpress.com

If you have limited wood material to make the chicken roosts, consider the simple steppings and install them into a simple chicken roost.

This kind of roost allows more chickens with minimal materials. The chickens could perch comfortably on the chicken roost easily. This kind of roost looks like a stair, it helps your chicken to climb up and perch easily.

It doesn’t need any certain skills to make it so even when you are a beginner, this project is worth trying.

Keep It Elegant

Elegant Chicken Roost Ideas
Via flytesofancy.co.uk

Try creating an elegant chicken roost to your backyard that will infuse a beautiful accent, which is also functional at the same time.

It is such a playground for the chickens with an elegant roost made out of wood. The stair installations work to help the chicken climb up easily and safely, instead of flying to the roost directly.

Install the chicken roost highly to protect the chicken from predators when the night comes. Other than that, the roost is complemented with the roof that will protect your chicken from rain, sunlight, or even snow.


 The material must be one of the crucial things you need to consider before you start making the chicken roost. Since each material will adjust to the weather, you have to be very careful in choosing the material.

The metal material is kind of rare. When the weather is cooling down, it will make the chicken’s feet get cold. And when summer is coming, it causing discomfort.

And if you are on a budget, choose the plastic material. It is cheap and light. But however, when the weather is too hot or too cold, the plastic can shatter.

The best material for the chicken roost is wood material. It is durable, sturdy enough, and it doesn’t really matter when the weather changes significantly. You can also create a smooth surface by sanding it down to comfort your chickens. 


The size of the chicken roost must fit the space you have. You also need to consider the size and the chicken you are going to raise.

Ensure the height is comfy enough for the chicken when they get up and down. The roosting bar must be at least 2 inches large and 4 inches board.

Besides, the length must be at least 8 inches of roosting bar per hen. It will create a good combination, which perfects for every season.


Consider the best location before you build the roosts chicken. Ensure it is safe enough a little bit further away from nest boxes. For security and safety reasons, consider creating a high roost to keep the chickens safe from predators.

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