Silkie rooster Temperament

It is no secret that Silkies are the labrador retrievers of chickens. One of the low number of chicken breeds that you can keep in your apartment. If you are looking for a pet chicken, Silkies are the breed for you. They are small, smart and gentle. However, when roosters come to mind, even the silkie rooster temperament can surprise their keeper.

Not all Silkie cockerels grow into angry roosters. Many factors determine the fate of the Silkie cockerels and the rooster character they grow into.

So, How Do You Handle Silkie Rooster Temperament?

First of all, not all roosters are stubborn. Especially those that belong to the smarter and friendlier breeds such as the Silkie. The best thing to do if you decide to keep Silkie roosters is to get them while young.

silkie rooster temperament
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A cockerel that grows up and develops into a friendly environment should have no problems growing into a friendly rooster. The stubbornness comes from stress caused by changes in the pecking order or not enough food and water.

Also, believe it or not, genetics have a lot to say on this matter. Due to the fact that there were generations and generations bred only for cockfighting it is safe to say that some of those angry roosters may be the grandad of your fuzzy little Silkie rooster.

In order to prevent this kind of genetics related anger problem with your rooster just double check the source where you are getting them.

While young, make sure that your Silkie cockerels get enough room to move and spend enough energy. This is very important because of roosters, as much as any other male animal, convert the extra energy into an excuse for bullying and aggression.

A good advice is not to spoil the roosters when they are young or at their prime. Spoiled roosters tend to show their authority even to their keepers.

Silkies are pre-dispositioned to promote friendliness with their keepers.

They are the perfect breed for those that want slightly unusual pets.

However, even Silkies need to be taught their place in the household and what most recommend doing is try and feed them from your hand. Even when they are young they will surely remember their source of food and will not defy you afterward.

Handling an aggressive Silkie rooster is easy on paper. You clap your hands loudly until you`ve got their attention. But still, this is only on paper.

silkie rooster temperament
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What you can do is separate the aggressive rooster from the flock and after they are calmer put them back. If they repeat the aggressive behavior separate them for a longer time. This has done the trick for many chicken keepers.

Although many swear on the friendliness of a Silkie rooster, there are exceptions even for this breed. Luckily for us, Silkie rooster temperament going bad is not a regular issue with this breed.

What every experienced chicken keeper recommends is getting the roosters while young and starting from there, teach them to be friendly.