5 Mistakes Chicken Keepers Tend To Make

After a lot of research and time spent we at the typesofchicken.com team have found stuff about chicken keeping that we liked and stuff that we didn’t like. Until now we have mostly shared facts, DIY Projects and Pros and Cons concerning a particular chicken breed.

In other words – stuff about chicken keeping that we like.

Now it is time for us to share with our readers some things that we didn’t like much such as these 5 mistakes chicken keepers tend to make.

1. The Material They Use For Their Coop

Materials for chicken coop
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We at the typesofchicken.com team promote using leftover or “recycled” materials to build your chicken coop because it has many benefits. But what gets some chicken keepers confused is that if it is a leftover or “recycled” piece of material it still needs to have some quality.

From leftover boards to extra hardwire, they still need to have some quality left as a piece of material – every chicken keeper novice or more experienced one – needs to know this before making the decision of upgrading or building a new coop.

2. Using a Bucket For Water

Now it might seem easy to just leave a bucket of water full enough so it doesn’t fall off and it`s done – your chickens have water. But it is not as simple as that, in fact using this method can be deadly for your chickens.

They can jump on the bucket and then fall headfirst into the water and drown.

We suggest using a ”waterer or a nipple dripper” – that are simple and easy to make.

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3. Giving Unhealthy Treats And Food

Many people say that it is very easy to feed your chickens because they are omnivores, and you can give them your leftover food.

This is partially true because there are treats that are negatively affecting the health of your chickens.

So feeding your chickens can be a bit difficult for novices but once you grow into the habit it will be very easy and simple for you.

Treats for your chickens

4. Building Their Coops And Henhouses On The Ground

Well, the idea sounds nice if you think about it because of the free pecking inside and all of that but what this actually can do is give access into your coop to predators.

Instead of doing this it is better for people to build their coops and henhouses a bit higher or putting a solid surface on the floor.

Letting your chickens out regularly to peck is a good idea also.

Mistakes Chicken Keepers Tend To Make
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5. Not Cleaning Their Coop Properly

Cleaning your coop might not be the easiest task but it is necessary and it needs to be done well.

Not bothering to reach those dark spots in the coop or scraping all of the feces from the coop might be bad for your chickens in the long run. Some of the best ways to clean your coop are to do it on a regular schedule and the natural way.

This is one of those things that can easily become a thing of habit so if done properly it can prevent illness and sadness in your chickens.

Cleaning Your Chicken Coop
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Do you agree with our list? Make sure that you share your opinion in the comment section or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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7 thoughts on “5 Mistakes Chicken Keepers Tend To Make”

  1. I clean my coop daily. This sounds odd but I get excited to go in there and scoop it in my poo bucket! When cleaning it gives my girls to graze in my backyard. Never knew about the water bucket! Thanks for tip! Hello from California!

    • we use the deep litter method with pine shavings.this allows us to clean out spring & fall.
      some use hay or straw but those materials harbor mites & they do nothing to absorb moisture.

  2. Do you not have weasels in AZ ?….they can get through chain link. That’s what killed our chickens and he dug under the shed onto which our coop was built and right up into the hen house….killed them all!

  3. Bah I’ve made all of these mistakes. My chickens love drinking from the goat troughs. They may be at risk free ranging but they have lives and are interacting with the world and the world interacts with them so all of this up off the ground isolated junk is great if you live in a super predator infested rural area with stray housecats or something counterintuitive but I think all of this is mostly hogwash. They get table scraps and chicken feed and free range everything else. My chickens do amazing and yes every now and then one goes missing. Pray not for an easy life but for one that is difficult that you manage to survive it! Good saying good for Bruce Lee good for me and good for chickens!

  4. My girls free range in the immediate back yard, which is fenced. They eat anything that during eat them first. We even had an opossum back there this winter. He finds a away under house and was living there. He has never bothered the chickens, runs right passed them. We feed ask the other wild animals in the area with food blocks and feeders. I guess he gets plenty to eat and he isn’t interested in my girls. We’ve got cats and coyotes all over the place; but I think the local dogs keep all of them away.
    I think you just do what’s right for your flock.


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