Australorp Rooster Temperament

The Australorp is one of the most popular breeds of chicken. This breed has an adventurous personality, which means they’re always looking for fun ways to keep themselves busy.

But, what about the roosters? Are they friendly or mean? Do they attack people or do they like to be petted?

Depending on how you raise roosters, they might be your best friend or worst enemy!

Here’s what you need to know about the Australorp rooster temperament.

Are Australorp roosters friendly?

The Australorp rooster is friendly, loyal, and easy to train. They are very social and will enjoy being around people.

The best thing about these roosters is that they are also sweet! This can come in handy when trying to handle them for various reasons such as vet visits or if you need help catching another bird that has escaped.

Do Australorp roosters make good pets?

The Australorp rooster has many positive characteristics, including being friendly and easygoing—a great combination for both children and adults alike

The Australorp is a good choice for people who want a pet that’s not too aggressive and will get along with their children and other pets.

They’re also friendly birds that make excellent backyard companions, so if you’re looking to start up a hobby of raising chickens in your yard, the Australorp is one of the best breeds to try out.

The Australorp rooster has many positive characteristics, including being friendly and easygoing—a great combination for both children and adults alike! Their good nature makes them great pets because they’ll happily follow you around as you go about your daily activities without acting too demanding or needy.

If you’re looking for an affectionate companion who will happily come when called (or even just sit quietly on your lap), this breed might be perfect for you!

I heard Black Austrolorps Roosters are nice, is this true?

Black australorp rooster stand on a wooden floor and background bare plaster or loft style.

Black Australorp roosters are very nice and mild-mannered, just like the rest of their breed. In fact, most Australorps are really gentle and very friendly towards people.

They enjoy human company and will happily sit on your lap if you let them!

Are black Australorp roosters loud?

Yes. They are very loud. I realized that if I turned on the light in my room during the night, they would crow the night. So these birds are definitely not quiet!

What to do with a mean Australorp rooster?

There are many reasons why a rooster might be mean. A poorly-raised rooster may have been attacked by other chickens, or even another rooster, and therefore be aggressive to all chickens.

An Australorp that hasn’t been handled much by humans can become frightened of them and lash out in fear. Most often, though, aggression in males is caused by a combination of factors including genetics, hormones (which affect the brain), environment, and training.

If you’re raising your own flock of backyard chickens and have an aggressive Australorp rooster, there are steps you can take to tame him:

  • Spend some time within their area of influence
  • Keep him away from other hens until his behavior improves
  • Provide snacks for him to enjoy
  • Establish boundaries in a compassionate approach


If you’re looking for a fun, friendly, and curious rooster, you’ve found him! The Australorp bird is a popular choice for families or urban farmers because it’s easy to care for and has a calm, quiet demeanor.

Australorp cockerel will happily interact with people, though he may shy away from bright lights or loud noises if exposed to these things as a chick.

If you want an occasional pet that doesn’t mind being handled by kids or other adults but also doesn’t want to be held all day, this breed might be a good choice. He’ll make sure that everyone gets their fair share of attention (and possibly even eat some treats).

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