Leghorn Rooster Temperament

The Leghorn rooster is certainly an interesting specimen. These birds, which are physically similar to other types of chickens, are known for their beautiful white feathers.

They’re also very popular in the United States because they lay large eggs and are incredibly docile — which makes them easy for most people to handle.

However, this docility does come with its own set of challenges: Since Leghorn roosters aren’t typically aggressive by nature, training them can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In this article, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about raising a happy and healthy Leghorn rooster that doesn’t try to attack anyone!

Leghorn roosters are generally friendly but can be aggressive.

Leghorn roosters are generally friendly but can be aggressive.

Not all Leghorns are mean and vicious; some just have a few dominant traits that require them to be handled more carefully than other breeds.

Some people report that their Leghorn rooster actually attacked them, while others say their chickens were perfectly docile and sweet. All roosters (and even hens) will attack if they feel threatened in any way, so you should always keep your hands out of the coop unless you’re putting food or water down for them–even then, make sure all your fingers are covered with plastic bags or gloves to prevent injury from bird beaks!

Leghorns also have a tendency towards aggression towards other chickens in general, as well as other animals: rats, snakes and even cats sometimes find themselves on the receiving end of an angry Leghorn’s wrath!

How to handle Leghorn Rooster Temperament?

If your new Leghorn rooster is aggressive or not, it’s important to teach him his place in the household.

Some chickens take longer than others to learn their place in the household, but you’ll never have a fully compliant chicken. That’s okay!

When a chicken behaves aggressively, it usually means that it is scared and needs to be handled gently. If they are acting aggressively towards you or other members of your family (or even other chickens), try giving them treats or petting them gently on their backs or heads as a way of calming them down and rewarding their good behavior.

You’ll never have a fully compliant chicken, and that’s okay.

Leghorn Rooster Temperament

This is a common misconception. You’ll never have a fully compliant chicken, and that’s okay.

Chickens aren’t like other animals (or people) in the sense that they are very independent, especially when compared to dogs and cats. They don’t need your constant affection or attention; they will be just fine if you’re not around all day long. And while there are benefits to having a companion animal who follows you from room to room, there’s also something wonderful about coming home and finding your chickens waiting for you at their feeder as if nothing had ever happened—which is probably exactly what happened!

Leghorn rooster temperament: very friendly and docile when you raise them properly.

Leghorn roosters can be very friendly when you raise them properly. If they are not taught their place in your household, they may become aggressive. It takes time for chickens to learn their place in the household, so it is important that you don’t expect a fully compliant chicken from day one!


The Leghorn rooster is an extremely brave and bold bird. Although some breeds of chickens are docile and shy, the leghorn is not one of them. They have a very strong sense of self-preservation, which makes them more likely to fight back when they feel threatened. So if you’re looking for a good watchdog or guard chicken, this breed might be just what you need!


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