10 Unusual and Bizarre Chicken Breeds

We have spoken quite a bit about the many types of chicken breeds. Nevertheless, one of the most important aspects of our website is the weekly articles in which we examine the advantages and disadvantages of a certain chicken breed.

We opted to zero in on one particular aspect for this piece, which is the chicken’s appearance from the outside. The pattern of coloration or the arrangement of the feathers on those breeds are examples of characteristics that distinguish them apart from other types of birds.

Our aim here was to find unique chicken breeds worldwide. Most are funny-looking chickens, and some of them are even without feathers.

This list of 10 weird chickens was made based on our own thoughts and research about these breeds, and we hope you enjoy it.

10. Modern Game Chickens

Modern Game Hens confined in a cage
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This breed is the result of cockfighting breeds from the United Kingdom being crossed with one another over many generations. These chickens are solely produced for the show industry since they are not suitable for eating or laying eggs.

Because of their extreme thinness, these hens suffer greatly throughout the colder months.

9. Transylvanian Naked Neck Chickens

Within a chicken cage may be seen two Transylvanian Naked Neck Chickens.
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Can you figure out what the meaning of the name is? Due to the fact that they are originally from Transylvania and have no feathers anywhere on their body (including their heads and necks).

Given the fact that these chickens seem to be a hybrid between ducks and chickens, many people who own chickens incorrectly believe that they are a mix of the two species.

This breed’s versatility as a meat and egg producer is what places it among the contemporary game chickens. They come in a variety of hues, from black and blue to white and buff.

8. Sultan Chickens

Chickens named Sultan that are out foraging. Also, one of the funny looking chickens
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The uncommon Sultan chickens are so named for their distinctive turban-like plumage. The name derives from the Turkish phrase “The Sultans Fowl,” which originated in Turkey. Sultans are one of the breeds of chickens with fluffy heads.

This type, like the very rarer Silkie chickens, has five toes. In addition to having feathered feet, the predominant white coloration of this breed is another similarity to Silkie chickens. Chickens from the Sultan breed come in a variety of colors, not only white.

7. Araucana Chickens

Picture of a crazy looking chicken-Araucana hen
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Araucanas are a breed of chicken native to Chile. They are also known as South American Rumpless Chickens. This crazy looking chicken is prized for its ability to produce blue eggs. This unusual coloring may have been introduced by a DNA retrovirus at some point during the domestication process.

This breed is short and stocky with no discernible rump.

Dark, dark red, dazzling duckwing, silver duckwing, and white are some of the colors they come in. Araucanas are uncommon because they are difficult to reproduce due to a high mortality rate among hatchlings still within their shells.

6. Phoenix Chickens

Phoenix Hens striking a pose
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The Phoenix is one of the many breeds that emerged as a result of the special breeding practices of Europeans with Onagadori. It is from these Onagadori that the Phoenix gets its long and beautiful tail. They may be golden, black, or silver in color, and their shade may shift at will.

Like the Onagadori, this breed is well-known for its impressively long tail, although it shouldn’t be kept in chilly climates. Strangely, unlike other breeds, which shed once a year, they only shed every other year.

5. Crevecoeur

Close-up of a Crevecoeur chicken picture.
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One of the oldest and most popular French chicken breeds, these odd birds are often kept as pets and only used for poultry shows. A rare French chicken breed, the Crèvecoeur got its name from a town in Normandy.

Crevecoeurs are easily identifiable by their uniformly black plumage, distinctive V-shaped brush, and enormous peaks, similar in size to those of the Polish breed (which comes in next). Also, Crevecoeur’s are one of the chickens with fluffy heads.

They don’t reach the size of other kinds and don’t produce as many eggs as other breeds.

4. Polish Chickens

Polish fowl with an odd appearance seen near a poultry coop
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The Polish (often spelled Poland) is a European breed with traceable ancestry to the Netherlands, where the oldest records of these avian creatures have been preserved.

The distinctive peak on the skull of both the hens and the roosters of this breed serves as an easy indicator of the species. Another chicken with an odd appearance.

Color palettes range from “whiskery” to “non-hairy” to “frizzle.” Feathered crests may obscure their vision, leaving the hens vulnerable to predators.

Chicken with crazy head feathers makes the Polish breed special! Similar to Sultan and Crevecoeur, Polish breeds are chickens with fluffy heads.

3. Naked Chickens

Weird & Naked Chicken Breeds
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This is one funny looking chicken, but the history of this breed is sad. Made for commercial usage. Without feathers, they require less protein, calcium, and other nutrients to flourish, which speeds up their growth.

As we indicated, this breed is developed solely for commercial usage and to be eco-friendly.

2. Onagadori Chickens

A long-tailed Onagadori chicken.
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All of us here at typesofchicken.com team would like to apologize to all Onagadori chicken lovers for having to rank another breed above yours as our favorite.

As a result, Onagadori are a breed indigenous to Japan’s Kchi Prefecture. Black-breasted red, black-breasted silver, black-breasted golden, and white are just some of the color options. Leg shading is profitable willow breasted types that are either yellow or white.

When the roosters’ tail quills are groomed and in good shape, they may grow to be 12–27 feet in length. If you want a plain chicken, you should go elsewhere. Think of how easy it would be to keep their tails tidy!

1. Silkie Chickens

Weird & Unusual Chicken Breeds
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Because of how readily available they are and how helpful they may be, we have chosen to position the Silkies in the first place.

Chickens with fluffy heads and soft, silky feathers inspired the term “cushion chickens.” In addition to its puffed-up feathers, this breed is distinguished by a few additional peculiar characteristics.

For instance, their skin and bones are black in color, the cartilage in their ears is blue, and they have five toes on each foot, although the majority of breeds only have four toes.

The precise beginnings of these aberrant chickens are still shrouded in a great deal of mystery; nonetheless, ancient China seems to be the most likely place to begin looking for answers. They may be found in a variety of colors, such as black, blue, buff, dim, partridge, and white. They are placid animals with a personality that is calm and kind, making them an excellent choice for pets because of these qualities.

What is the strangest chicken breed you have encountered? Share your experiences with us in the comments below or via e-mail at support@typesofchicken.com

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