Top 5 Chicken Breeds For Beginners!

There are varieties of chicken breeds available everywhere.

Each breed has something different about it which makes it special – the comb, the color, the character etc.

Some breeds are more intelligent than others and that makes them easier to keep and maintain. Choosing the right breed for you is as easy as it is hard and if you are a novice chicken keeper we recommend that you get one of these 5 Chicken Breeds For Beginners.

1. Cornish

Via Flickr
Via Flickr

We have to start with the Cornish chicken breed (we have said it many times already why we love them so much).

Although not the perfect breed to provide eggs, the Cornish chicken breed can be very friendly and a good meat provider. They are adaptable and good for chicken keeping practice.

If you want a good egg provider you may want to check out Number 2.

2. Leghorn

The Leghorn hens are known to be capable of laying over 300 eggs a year.

This and the fact that they are curious and calm by nature makes them the perfect chicken breed for any novice chicken keeper.

There is another thing that makes The Leghorn chicken breed special and that is that they can survive in the winter without any problem.

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Some beginner chicken keepers may find surprising how much winter can affect their chickens health but with the Leghorn chicken breed, a novice chicken keeper can have more time to adapt to the chickens needs.

Don`t Have Enough Room In Your Backyard For A Coop? Try keeping the perfect chicken breed for keeping inside the house or apartment. Check out Number 3

3. Silkie

Silkie chicken
via Flickr

The Silkie chickens are on this list because they are friendly, fluffy and easy to maintain.

They grow into excellent mothers and because of their size and character, some people keep them in their apartments.

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However, if you want to keep a flock with more chicken breeds outside it is better that you get some larger sized chicken breeds.

Because of their size, they can get bullied and put last in the pecking order.

Haven`t decided yet on what you want from your chicken? Eggs or meat? Get a dual purpose chicken breed to help you decide. Check out Number 4

4. Plymouth Rocks

Plymouth Rock Chickens
via Wikipedia.org

This breed is capable of providing you with a large number of eggs.

If you have the means to provide them with the nutritious materials needed for a chicken to lay quality eggs you will more than surprised with the outcome.

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They are friendly and good layers during the winter and that makes them one of the best chicken breeds for novice chicken keepers. They are a dual purpose breed which means that they are not only good egg layers but also good meat providers.

This chicken breed is perfect for those beginner chicken keepers that haven`t decided why they want to keep chickens.

You want a big and friendly chicken breed for the top of the pecking order so that you can prevent bullying. Check out Number 5

5. Australorp

Keeping Australorp Chickens
via Flickr

Great egg layers in warm as well as in cold weather, the Australorp chicken breed has soft feathers and can be very good pets. They are a large and friendly chicken breed and that is what makes them perfect for the top of the pecking order.

Available in black, white and blue the Australorp can be too big to pet for some chicken keepers.

Do you agree with our list?

Which were your first chicken breeds and how did you like them?

Share your thoughts and opinions with us through the comment section or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Chicken Breeds For Beginners!”

  1. I tell people to start with something cheap (black-stars and red sex-link birds are cheap, easy to find, friendly and they lay a ton of eggs initially and early). You don’t want to start with something expensive or difficult and you also need to make sure that your coop is predator proof.


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