When Raising Chickens – Beware of These Things!

There are things that every chicken keeper needs to know in order to properly care for his/her chickens. We at the typesofchicken.com team decided to do an article on this subject in the form of When Raising Chickens – Beware of These Things!

Without any further ado, here`s the list!

What To DO:

1. Make Sure Your Chickens Have Clean Water – ALWAYS!

How To Maintain Your WatererMaintaining the water that your chickens are drinking is very important. Every process that the chicken organism does needs proper hydration in order to work properly. Keeping your waterer clean and the water fresh can do a lot of good for your chickens

2. Clean The Chicken Coop As Much As Your Chickens Need It!

Maintaining the chicken coop clean makes it safer for your chickens to live in it because hygiene is the most crucial part in preventing many illnesses and diseases around your flock. If you want to know how to clean your coop the all-natural way make sure that you check out this article.

3. Entertain Your Chickens!

How to keep your chickens entertained featuredIn order to make chickens waste enough energy to keep a healthy life and to prevent bullying it is recommended that every chicken keeper spends some time and effort to build them some simple and useful toys. Fun fact: chickens enjoy toys that contain treats.

4. Be Patient With Your Chickens!

When Raising Chickens - Beware of These Things
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Old folks don`t say patience is a virtue for no reason. Your chickens can be good pets as well as eggs and meat providers but you need to have patience with them until they realize what you want from them. With proper care your chickens can even help you around your garden.

5. Spend Time With Your Chickens!

Spending time with your chickens is very important because it will help you learn their patterns of behavior and with that you can know if something is wrong with them. By knowing the character of your chickens you can decide which chicken should go on the regular physical exam first.


1. Do Not Overfeed Your Chickens!

When Raising Chickens - Beware of These Things
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Giving treats to your chickens is very fun, we all agree with that statement – but the problem is that gaining extra weight does not do good to your chickens. That is why you need to provide proper exercise to your chickens if you want to give them treats regularly.

2. Do Not Feed Your Chickens Chicken Meat And Spoiled Leftover Food!

Feeding leftover food to your chickens saves you as a chicken keeper time and money, but in order to do it properly make sure that the leftover food is not spoiled. Feeding chicken meat to your chickens can lead to cannibalism in your flock and no one wants that.

3. Do Not Leave Extra Food Lying Around In The Run And The Coop!

Leaving the food your chickens didn’t eat behind can be a problem because bacteria can stack up on the food and leaving food outside can attract predators. So make sure that you clean after your chickens had their treats.

4. Do Not Leave A New Chicken To An Old Flock Unprotected!

When Raising Chickens - Beware of These Things
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Every flock has its own hierarchy and pecking order. When a new chicken gets introduced to a previously formed flock bullying tends to happen. In order to keep you new chicken protected make sure that you leave some closed space where it can be near your flock but the flock cannot get to it.

5. Make Sure You Read The Products You Use For Your Chicken Keeping Needs!

All that cleaning and maintaining can be for nothing if you use some product that is not safe for animals. You can poison your whole flock by making this kind of mistake. Make sure that your cleaning materials are either all natural or safe for your chickens. Many chemicals that cleaning products contain are safe for us but deadly for your chickens, so as we said – read the ingredients before using any store bought product around your chickens.

Do you agree with our list? What would you like to add? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions with us trough the comment section or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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