9 facts about chickens!!!

Facts about chickens you should know. For example, did you know that hundreds of millions of chickens are killed each year, and served in fast-food chain restaurants? Chickens are extremely complex creatures, with the ability to recognize pain and happiness, so you might think twice before you have your next chicken steak or chicken burger.

Here we present you the funniest chicken facts you didn’t know:

1. Chickens have an excellent memory

It is assumed that chickens have the ability to recognize more than 100 hundred different faces of people and animals. Pretty cool to know that your chicken recognizes you, and actually sees your face.

facts about chickens
via pixabay.com

2. Chickens have full-color vision

This is pretty awesome to know. Not all birds have this ability, I mean not all birds can fly (sorry penguins), but useful thing to know, however.

tested via Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

3. Chickens love to BOSS around

In the chicken coop, each chicken knows her place, so there is a social ladder that they strongly respect.

4. There are more chickens than people on the Earth

facts about chickens

It is known that there are over 25 billion of them in the world, that’s a lot more than any other bird, WooOOW. Brace yourselves, chicken era is coming.

5. Chickens can feel pain

Fortunate or unfortunate ability???

6. Hens are very protective

Hens protect their young chick from predators. So think twice before you call them ”chicken”.

7. They actually dream dreams when they fall asleep

They experience rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which means they dream just like people do, not in a bed obviously.

facts about chickens
via Wikipedia

8. Great layers

One chicken can lay more than 300 eggs a year approximately. The largest chicken egg weighed nearly 340 grams. ( 12 ounces )

9. The chicken came before the egg

Finally, it is proven that the chicken comes before the egg. Pretty logical, hmm?

facts about chickens
via pixabay.com
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