Top 3 Calcium Rich Treats & Toys For Your Chickens

In order to produce eggshells the hens take calcium from their bodies, this is why every laying hen needs to have a regular supply of calcium in so she can live a healthy life. Chickens love their treats and what best way to ensure that your hens are getting enough calcium if not in the form of a treat. Giving healthy treats to your chickens can be very fun and everyone can learn to enjoy doing it. By combining different mixtures of food for your chickens they will learn to appreciate every new treat and always want more.

1. The Calcium Fruit Yogurt

Fruits can be good calcium providers and from time to time it is good to add a variety of taste in the treat you are giving to your chickens. Get a medium sized bowl and fill it with peeled and cut oranges, some dried figs, sesame seeds and almonds – mix them with a some yogurt and give your chickens to enjoy. This is also a good recipe if you enjoy giving toys with treats to your chickens and want to watch them play. You can also add baked and crushed eggshells to make the whole dish even more calcium rich. Put the mixture in a plastic bottle with a few holes on it and throw it to your chickens they will peck at it for a long time.

2. Bones Ona A Stick – The Calcium Toy

If you have leftover bones from your lunch you do not have to throw them away. Simply boil them in hot water and when they cool off using a sewing string connect them to a stick and put them in the middle of the run.

Your chickens will be confused at first and will not start pecking it right away. Once the first curious chicken pecks at the bones the rest of the flock will follow.

What this toy does is very funny because some of the chicken will try to take away a bone but because it is connected to the stick it will pull the whole batch of bones and the rest of the flock will follow.

But DO NOT give this to your chickens if you do not plan to watch them while playing it may cause some bullying.

3. The Veggie & Fish Toy & Treat

Get some canned sardines with bones, cabbage, almonds, sesame seeds and eggshells. Mix them in a plastic bucket that you can close and add yogurt then mix again.

Make sure that the bucket is less than half full and then cut out 4 equally big holes in it but make sure that the mixture won`t pour out.

The holes should be big enough for a chicken to put its head inside and get it out (obviously). When the first chicken sticks its head in one of the holes and tastes the food the others will soon follow. Then they will start pushing the bucket until all of the mixture drips out of it.

Do you make toys for your chickens? If you do make sure that you share your ideas and experiments with us trough the comment section or via e-mail: support@typesofchicken.com

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