How To Care For Your Injured Chicken

Chickens are gentle, and from time to time they tend to get injured.

There are some injuries that your chickens cannot be helped with and the best thing that you as a chicken keeper can do for them is getting them euthanized.

Fortunately, most of the injuries that chickens can acquire in a well-maintained coop and run can be taken care of. For today`s article, we at the typesofchicken.com team decided to give our readers a few ideas on How To Care For Their Injured Chicken.

1. Preparedness is Key

How to care for injured chickens
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What every chicken keeper needs to have in order to properly care for his injured chickens is a small place outside the reach of the rest of the flock. A small area big enough for one chicken to have enough space to move a bit should be sufficient for your the process of taking care of your injured chicken.

2. Once You Find An Injured Chicken – Separate It From The Flock

We have told you before that chickens enjoy pecking at red stuff, which means that if your injured chicken is bleeding other chickens may peck at the wound and that is not good at all. Separating your injured chicken from the rest of the flock is crucial in the recovery process. Wrap your injured chicken in a warm towel to give it a sense of security and keep it calm then take it in the previously prepared place mentioned above.

3. As With Every Other Living Being The First Thing To Do Is Stop The Bleeding

Using a paper towel or gauze, apply slight pressure on the opened wound in order to stop the bleeding. Also remember to wear nylon gloves while treating a bleeding wound. Because chickens are small and gentle many wounds will look very bad until you clean them so do not give up on your chicken before cleaning out the wound.

4. Examine Your Chicken From Head To Toe

How to care for injured chickens
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If you follow our articles regularly you already know how to do a physical exam on your chicken – if not check out this article. If you do not find more than the wound that got your attention it is time to water bathe your chicken in order to clean both the chicken and its wound properly.

Keep the chicken in the previously prepared place for injured chickens and improve the diet. Improvements such as adding electrolytes in the water and more vitamins in the food can help in the process of wound closing. However, proper hydration in the time of the crisis is far more important than the food because water is included in almost every process the system of your chicken does.

6. If Your Chicken Still Shows Signs Of Pain

How to care for injured chickens

Add 5 aspirin pills to a gallon of water and give it regularly to your chickens – that should numb the pain. If none of the above work it most likely means that there are also internal injuries. Only a veterinarian can help with internal injuries.

7. Returning The Chicken To The Flock

Before returning the now healed chicken to your flock remember to make sure that the wound is completely closed and there are no signs of blood. Treat the reintroduced chicken as you treat the new additions to your flock.

How do you treat your injured chickens? Feel free to share your experiences with us trough the comment section or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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