Looking After Chickens Tips For First Time Owners

Chickens are domesticated fowl which humans keep primarily as a source of food.

They are omnivores and may live from five to ten years depending on their breed.

Chickens are not capable of domestic flight and may occasionally fly briefly to explore their surroundings. They live together in flocks and establish a pecking order with dominant chickens having priority to food access and nesting locations.

Chickens Tips For First Time Owners

Chickens can be fairly social animals. Because of this, chickens can be great pets.

Looking after chickens are also beneficial because they produce fresh eggs.

One never has to buy supermarket eggs because fresh eggs will always be readily available for him or her to consume. In addition, chickens are an organic way to deal with pests as they have the ability to devour bugs and other small animals.

They also give one a supply of manure which can be used in the garden to fertilize the soil. Finally, they supply one with fresh meat.

There are many things to consider in looking after chickens. One is hygiene.

Many animals are prone to parasites, the reason why it is important to wash one’s hands before and after handling poultry to avoid health problems.

It is also important to give chickens an area where they can forage.

This is because they love to scratch up bugs and worms in the soil. In addition, it is important for chickens to have sand baths during which they can fill their feathers with sand.

Chickens Tips For First Time Owners

When they shake themselves off, the sand as well as bugs and mites fall off. The shelter is important to chickens as well because they are vulnerable to predators and need protection from the elements. Finally, it is important to feed the chickens and give them plenty of freshwaters to consume.

Looking after chickens means having to keep chickens that are healthy and happy. Healthy and happy chickens lay more eggs and can easily fight off diseases, parasites and lice.

Healthy and happy chickens also make their owners proud to show them off.

In addition, healthy and happy chickens bring joy to one’s life simply by being appealing creatures with their gentle clucking.

For those who like looking after chickens, it is important to give the chickens themselves lots of love and care just like any other pet. In doing so, one will discover the joys of looking after chickens and the benefits which they bring.

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