Jersey Giant Chickens: Everything you need to know about them

The Jersey Giant is a breed of chicken developed by John and Thomas Black, who were farmers from New Jersey. The breed was developed by crossing various breeds of chickens with the aim of producing a bird that would grow much larger than any other chicken breed – much like the Giant Bronze turkey. They … Read more

PROS And CONS Of Keeping Rhode Island Red Chickens!


Rhode Island Red chickens are a breed that is loved by many…including me. I have 8 Rhode Island Red Chickens (love my Red Stars) and have had nothing but success with them. Their “look” is beautiful and entertaining. If you’re looking for a great pet chicken to raise in your backyard, there’s no better option … Read more

5 Best Egg Producing Chickens Per Year! (explained)

Here you can find the best egg producing chickens for your coop.

Do not make a fast decision on the chicken type, not all of them are good layers.

Consuming the same amount of food and water, different chicken breeds produce more or fewer eggs. The following hens are considered to be the best egg-producing chickens per year.

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A Quick Guide to Raising Bantam Chickens

Clucking hens and crowing roosters are often only associated with barnyard lifestyles, but diminutive bantam chickens can be raised pretty much anywhere there is grass and shelter.  Indeed, raising these lively feathered birds can be an enjoyable hobby for even those living in cities but yearn for the simple life of a farm. Getting To … Read more

Pros & Cons About Keeping Cochin Chickens!

Keeping Cochin Chickens

This has been a long-awaited Monday especially for us, at the typesofchicken.com team, because the breed we are going to write an article about today is one of those breeds that made us start to love keeping chickens.

The Cochin chickens were most of the chickens of my first flock and they are the ones that made me keep chickens as pets not only as means to get eggs and meat. The first chicken I named was a Cochin – Bucky.

So without any further ado, these are the Pros & Cons about keeping Cochin chickens.

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How do you tell the gender of a chicken, so you can tell if you have a hen or a rooster?

Do you want to know how to distinguish a hen from a rooster? When they’re little: You can’t. Professional sexers who stare at their cloacas everyday aspire to get 95-96% right.  Mike Rowe tried it on Dirty Jobs and would have sent you a mixed run every time.  I don’t even bother to try. Ways to be … Read more

Do chickens get upset when their eggs get taken by humans?

Unless they’re broody, chickens don’t give a hoot in hell if we take any eggs, unfertilized or fertile. Sorry if this doesn’t fit your mother hen as a loving devoted mother cherished idea but, fact is? Hens are totally indifferent to their eggs except and unless nature has kicked in and told them to brood, … Read more

Why are chicken eggs different colors?

Contrary to popular belief, a brown chicken egg is not healthier than a white chicken egg. Have you ever wondered why chicken eggs come in a variety of color– white, cream, brown, blue or green? Do the different colors impact the flavor or the health value of the eggs? According to Michigan State University Extension, egg … Read more