PROS & CONS of Keeping Australorp Chickens!

Well, yet another Monday has come and it is time for us, the typesofchicken.com team to present our readers with an article about the pros and cons of keeping a particular chicken breed.

Until now we have presented you articles with pros and cons about keeping Buff Orpington chickens, Silkies, and the Rhode Island Red chickens.

As much as some of us want to we cannot keep our focus off those types of breeds that are usually kept in the backyard of their respected keepers or they have the capacity to be one of those types of breeds.

This is why today`s article will be about the Australorp chicken breed and we at the typesofchicken.com team hope that you enjoy it.

Advantages keeping Australorp chickens:

1. Egg laying persistence

Keeping Australorp Chickens
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Since I got my Black Australorp I am constantly amazed at what kind of weather conditions this breed can lay eggs in.

This breed is very persistent in its egg-laying – they can give eggs more than 250 days a year if kept properly.

They give big brown colored eggs with extreme quality.

Although this does not mean that you shouldn’t take proper care of them. If you want to know more about how to keep the quality of the eggs your chicken provides high, make sure you check out our previous article on what to feed your chickens to get the best eggs.

2. Size and Looks

Although available bantam, in this article we at the typesofchicken.com team will focus on the regular-sized Australorp chickens.

They come in 3 colors – black, white, and blue – and any of those colors combined with their recognizable large and uptight single comb look the Australorp chickens are a pure sight for every chicken enthusiast – novice or professional.

These attributes combined with their soft feathers and large size make this breed perfect for any backyard flock.

3. Attitude

Friendly towards humans and animals alike, the Australorps can be very well one of the best multipurpose chickens breed you can get.

As we mentioned above they are very persistent in laying eggs in difficult weather conditions – and that – combined with their friendliness is what makes this breed almost the perfect pet.

The almost in the previous sentence stands because some chicken keepers complain that the Australorps can get too heavy for children to lift and pet.

Disadvantages of keeping Australorp Chickens

Honestly, except for the fact that there can be issues with the color availability of this breed in the US, we at typesofchicken.com couldn’t find any more serious issues about the Australorps that can get into this list.
Some might say that the roosters can be aggressive towards children and problematic with their arrogance we at the typesofchicken.com team agree that these can be attributes of roosters from any breed so this couldn’t be included in the list also.

Keeping Australorp Chickens
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If you want fresh eggs daily and a pet friend for your children make sure you get one or more of the Australorp chicken breed for your backyard flock.
We hope you enjoyed reading this article as we enjoyed writing it for you, until next time- the typesofchicken.com team.

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3 thoughts on “PROS & CONS of Keeping Australorp Chickens!”

  1. I really enjoy reading the articles. I always learn so much. I grew up around chickens but want to learn so I can take good care of them.

  2. In my experience this breed is prone to broodiness. That can be a pro if you want a Hen that will hatch and raise chicks, or a con if you don’t.

  3. Is there a certain kind of rooster that needs to be used for these? For instance, does the breed need to be the same? Thanks for the good article.


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