How To Raise A Friendly Rooster!

Raise A Friendly Rooster

Roosters can be aggressive and loud. Many chicken keepers even avoid roosters in their flock due to their “complicated” attitude. They are aggressive and often bully other chickens in the congregation. Most chicken keepers keep one rooster per 7+ hens, none at all, or, in some cases, separated from the hens. Chicken keepers that allow their eggs to … Read more

Keeping Buff Orpington Chicken!

As promised, today is Monday, and the typesofchicken.com staff will deliver as promised. The Buff Orpington Chicken is the focus of this piece.

Last week we gave you the pros and cons of keeping Silkie chickens.

The week before, we gave you the pros and cons of keeping the Rhode Island Red Chickens.

In the first place, I’d want to talk about where this breed came from.

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