3 Ways to Improve Your Chicken Coop – DIY Projects!

We at the typesofchicken.com team are focusing on presenting you some DIY projects that you will find useful and easy to make.

Before doing this article we were having a long discussion about which one of these projects we should present you with today, and what we decided is that we can stuff them into one article. We agreed upon this decision because we believe that our readers deserve our best.

Today we are going to present 3 DIY projects that will help you improve your coop as well as the life of your chickens.

1. Chicken nipple waterer

We already said that we understand that “waterer” is not a correct word, but it will do good for this article. So with that out the way, this is what you will need for this project:

  • A plastic bucket
  • A drill
  • Teflon tape
  • A few dripping metal nipples ( you can find them at home depot )The concept this contraption works on is that you drill the holes at the bottom of the bucket, and they need to be as big as the dripping metal nipples are, then put the Teflon tape around the holes. Then just screw the dripping metal nipples around the holes and make sure that there is no room for the water to fall off.
Improve Your Chicken Coop
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Put the bucket somewhere high enough so the chicken can peck at the dripping metal nipples.

When the chicken peck at the dripping metal nipple a drop of water will fall off.

This is very simple to make.

The number of dripping metal nipples that you will need is dependent on the number of chickens you have.

This does not mean that you need one dripping metal nipple for every chicken you have but you will need enough of them so your chickens will not fight or bully each other to get to them.

2. A natural dust bath

Improve Your Chicken Coop
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There are many material that are factory made and are sold to you in your local pet store to be used as a dust bath for your chickens so they can prevent mites.

But there are many other ways to prevent mites, and there many cheaper and smarter solutions for a dust bath than anything you can buy at a store.

For example, wood ashes and sand can provide the same things that any store-bought product as a dust bath can provide.

The wood ashes will fend off the mites and the sand will be used to weight the wood ashes down. How much wood ashes and sand you use is also up the number of chickens that will bathe in it.

3. Have you considered adding a mirror in your chicken coop?

Improve Your Chicken Coop
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In one of our previous articles we have already mentioned that chickens see in color, but what we forgot to mention is that chickens also enjoy watching themselves in the mirror.

If you have a problem with some bullying or just plain bad chickens put some mirror in their coop and they will stay quiet for a long time.

Make sure that the mirror is out of the chickens reach because there have been some situations where the chickens hurt themselves by pecking at it.

Do you have any ideas on what to add to a full chicken coop?

Make sure that you share them with us through our comment section or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com?

3 Ways to Improve Your Chicken Coop – DIY Projects!
3 Ways to Improve Your Chicken Coop – DIY Projects!
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8 thoughts on “3 Ways to Improve Your Chicken Coop – DIY Projects!”

  1. Styrofoam is a great way for the chickens to pass the time, they love to peck on it, it goes straight through them, doesn’t harm them at all. They seem to really enjoy pecking on it.

      • I tried this yesterday! They did not like the wild swinging so I lowered a stick and tied the cabbage up next to it so it swung just a little. They loved it once they got the hang of it and the cabbage was gone today!


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