40 Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About CHICKENS!

40 Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About CHICKENS!

We at the typesofchicken.com team try to find as much useful information about keeping chickens as possible and we give our best to share it and combine our opinions with you.

This process depends a lot on the time we spend in research.

During our research, we have found many interesting facts about your favorite bird that may or may not be directly connected with keeping chickens but are good to know.This is why we decided to share with you 40 Facts You Might Not Know About Chicken:

1. Chicken is not able to taste sweetness.

They can eat salty food but it can be bad for their health.

2. The name of the dance the rooster performs is Tidbitting.

Researchers have found that females prefer males that often perform tidbitting and have larger, brighter combs on top of their heads.

3. The human body is 60% water but the chickens are 75% water

4. When a chicken lays an egg that eggs temperature is 105 degrees Fahrenheit(40 degrees Celsius)

5. When stressed, a chicken losses feathers

Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About CHICKENS
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6. If the egg white is cloudy, that means the egg is fresh

The color of the egg yolk is also a very important indicator of the quality of your egg.

7. Chickens can recognize over 100 different faces of humans and animals

black orpington chicken

8. A chicken can survive for a short time without its head

9. If you are afraid of chickens, you have Alektorophobia.


10. Chicken see and dream in color

11. A normal and healthy hen can lay more than 300 eggs a year

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12. Each sound a chicken makes can mean something specific

Some chicken communicates through movement and sound and can warn other chicken about threats such as predators and bad food.

13. A chick starts to develop at 88 degrees Fahrenheit(32 degrees Celsius)

14. The record number in laying eggs in 1 day by a hen is 7.

15. According to scientists, people started keeping chickens 8000 years ago.

16. There are more chickens in the world than people.

Chickens population

17. Chickens don’t pee, it is mixed with the poo.

18. Who has more bones in their neck giraffes or chicken? Chicken

19. Chickens can feel pain and stress.

20. Chickens love to jump and play in the sun.

Chickens can also remember and recognize their toys after playing with them few times.

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21. Hens have exhibited mathematical reasoning.

22. The quality of the chicken coop affects the behavior of the chicken.

23. Every backyard flock of chickens has a leader.

position of your chicken coop
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24. Chickens origins come from tropical rainforests.

25. Chickens are the closest living relative to the famous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Chickens deserve to be treated with a little more respect in light of new evidence about their terrifying ancestry.

26. Hens are known to talk to their unborn chicks.

Also, hens are known for their ability to teach their chicks to adapt to their environment.

27. The oldest chicken is 22 years old and its name is Muffy.

28. Chicken mourn their dead.

29. The heart of a chicken can beat more than 300 times a minute.

30. Some scientists say that the first chickens were kept for cockfighting, not food.

31. There are hundreds of different chicken breeds around the world.

32. When a female chicken is born it is a chick, then it grows into a pullet and when it gains the ability to lay eggs it becomes a hen.

33. The color of the chicken’s earlobes indicates the color of the egg, red= brown eggs, and white= white eggs.

34. There are more than 10 uses for eggshells.

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35. The record number of egg yolks found in an egg is 9.

good egg yolk

36. A normal and healthy mother hen turns her egg around 50 times a day.

Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About CHICKENS
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37. There is a myth that chickens can change genders – it is not true.

38. As the hen gets older, the number of the eggs she can lay gets smaller but the eggs themselves get bigger.

39. Hens eat their own raw eggs if they are not satisfied with their diet.

Chicken are omnivores and they can eat almost anything.

40. A chicken beak can bleed.

Weird facts, HA? We hope you liked this article. Share these facts so the people will know much more about chickens.

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