5 Mistakes Chicken Keepers Tend To Make

Mistakes Chicken Keepers Tend To Make

After a lot of research and time spent we at the typesofchicken.com team have found stuff about chicken keeping that we liked and stuff that we didn’t like. Until now we have mostly shared facts, DIY Projects and Pros and Cons concerning a particular chicken breed.

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4 Steps For Cleaning Your Chicken Coop The Natural Way

Clealning your chicken coop

Before I get on the subject I would like to say that in the process of keeping my chickens and my other animals, I try to use as little chemicals as possible.

Somehow I think that using chemicals – even the approved ones – is not the right way of keeping the places around your animals clean. I try to do my best to keep it natural when doing these things, for me, it makes more sense.

This is why I want to share with you my ways of cleaning my chicken coop the natural way and I hope that you will consider using this method because not only they are natural but cheaper also.

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