How To Make Your Own Chicken Feeder – DIY Project!

Feeding your chickens can be easy if you find the method that makes it easy for you to do it. In order to make it simpler for you to feed your chickens, you will need quick and easy access to their feeder in order to save time feeding them and the feeder will be easier to clean.

Chicken keepers all over the world have been using PVC pipes in order to make feeders and waterers for their chickens because the availability,  usefulness, and price of the material makes it very good for these purposes.

The Anchor-Shaped Feeder

PVC is maybe the best material you can use to build your feeder and your waterer.

The design of most PVC pipes makes it easy for many chicken keepers to build their feeders. So, if you want to change the method of feeding your chickens, build your own chicken feeder using plain-old PVC piping.

One of the most simple designs is a T-shaped system that can be easily built using a “T” degree connector along with regular PVC piping. The simplicity and effectiveness are what makes this chicken feeder perfect. You can use this not only for feeding but also it can be used for watering your chickens, making it a necessity for your coop. You will only need as shortlist of materials – PVC pipe, a “T” connector, two 90 degree connectors, and a cap.
Connect them together it that way that your chickens will have enough room to eat or drink – basically 2 different bowls and that you can sip the feed through the top.

Use the cap to close the top end of the feeder in order to keep the feed/ water as fresh as possible. When finished your feeder should resemble an anchor.

Here are some other good chicken feeder ideas from other chicken keepers that you might find very useful.

1. The Three Bag Automatic Chicken Feeder

Source:J&J Acres

Easy to make chicken feeder out of a trash can and PVC materials. Very useful and works on a simple method perfect for chickens and ducks.

2. The Zero Waste Chicken Feeder

Source:Stan Sullivan

The title says it all, this chicken feeder helps the chicken keeper with cleaning because it reduces the waste the chickens make. Maybe not as simple to make as the two PVC based feeders above but the effort you put in it can pay off.

3. The Bucket Feeder You Didn`t Know You Need

Source:Shawn Whetsel

Easy to make, not big, and easily cleaned and movable this chicken feeder is the perfect feeder you can use when introducing new chickens to your flock so you can feed them separately to avoid bullying. If you want a cheaper solution in order to feed a smaller number of chickens make sure that you check out the bottle waterer/feeder we have discussed in one of our previous articles.

What do you use to feed your chickens? Which is your favorite way to keep your chickens fed and hydrated? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us through the comment section or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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