Keeping Your Chickens Entertained – Why Is It Important & How To Do It?

Chickens need their entertainment, it makes their exercise more fun and likable.

Toys for chickens can be many things even some form of a treat or an old piece of wood with some honey poured on it.

By providing toys for your chickens you can make them friendlier towards each other and you. Any positive change in the environment around them can be fun for your chickens.

1. Your Flock Will Enjoy Working On Your Compost Piles

Compost piles can be great sources of fun and food. 

By creating your pile of compostable material and letting your flock work at it you will save a lot of time.  The chickens enjoy pecking up the bugs and the heat from the decomposing materials will warm them up. 

Start with keeping a small compost pile in the run and you will see how it reduces the amount of pecking your chickens do elsewhere that can help you in a lot of ways from keeping your garden chicken free to your run dry.

2. Hang A Vegetable And Watch Them Peck At It

We have discussed before about the Thing On A String Toy which you can make easy for your chickens by hanging cabbage, lettuce, kale, spinach, etc. from a string. This way you will give your chickens a toy with a nutritional boost.

cabbage on a string
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If you can stick a skewer through it or tie a string around it then it can be hung either on the fence of the run, from the ceiling in the coop or anywhere else they might be able to play with it.

3. The Flock Leaders Like Their Thrones High

Any spot that allows the flock leader to stand above everyone else will be good.  Roosters especially enjoy those spots where they can stand above the flock and show their pride of authority to the rest of the world.  Even an old tree can be put in the run for this purpose alone. Some chicken keepers build their coops around a short and live tree for that purpose also.  Live trees can also provide shade and a colder temperature during the hot summer days.

4. Tasty Toys For Better Entertainment Of Your Chickens

Keeping You Chickens Entertained

You can use anything from an empty bottle with holes drilled in it to more complicated toys designed to provide treats for your chickens in a fun way. 

If you can put some kind of treat and drill holes in it so that the chickens can kick it around and peck at it order for the food to come out then you have yourself a toy.

5. Dust Baths Are Fun Mites-Preventive Thing Your Chickens Love To Do

If you are able to provide an area where your chickens can dust bathe freely you will make them very happy and as with any other living being happiness is the key to a healthy and productive life. 

Any bucket, old tire or some other similar device filled with dirt in which your chickens can bathe in will do the trick. 

This will motivate the flock to do the dust bathing in one particular place and limit the amount of holes they dig elsewhere in the run to do the dust bathing.

How do you entertain your chickens and do you enjoy making toys for them? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us trough the comment section below or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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