How To Maintain Your Waterer And Keep The Water Uncontaminated – 3 Tips

First of all, we would like to say that we are aware that the word “waterer” is not a correct word but it will do for this article and is commonly used between chicken keepers. Some time ago we at the typesofchicken.com team gave you an article on how to keep your chickens hydrated. But is keeping your chickens hydrated enough? If the water you give to your chickens is dirty, you increase the risk of them getting sick. Maintaining the water your chickens drink is an important part of their health. And it is also very easy once you get used to doing it. There are 3 easy tips on how to maintain your waterer and keep the water uncontaminated and we will be kind enough to show them to you in the form of an article.

1. Keep The Water Only For YOUR Chickens

How To Maintain Your Waterer
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Don’t let wild birds or other animals drink from the waterer you use for your chickens. Keep the waterer in the coop or in the run so that only your chickens can drink from it. Also it is a good idea for you to keep an extra waterer for your sick chickens – that could prevent the other and healthier chickens getting sick. Keeping the water out of reach from other animals can also prevent predators.

2. Whatever You Are Using To Give Water To Your Chickens –CLEAN IT!

If you are using a simple method such as using a bucket or a pot remember to clean and sanitize it daily. They are more likely to get dirty and infected. This is crucial especially you are keeping the bucket or the pot outside.

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If you are using a waterer in a closed environment you do not have to clean it daily. However it needs to be cleaned on regular basis but per your need. Once in two weeks or a month is ok for most chicken keepers. This will keep bacteria from stacking up in your waterer and your chickens safe and healthy.

3. The Most Important Thing To Do Daily Is Changing The Water

In order to do the most good in keeping the water your chickens drink safe and clean do your best to change it daily. Even if there is leftover water, change it. This keeps the water your chickens drink fresh and the temperature is balanced. During the summer it may be a good idea to change it twice a day in order to keep it refreshing for your chickens.

How To Maintain Your Waterer

If you are using a pot or a bucket to give water to your chickens we at the typesofchicken.com team recommend that  you try making your own waterer or a nipple dripper because they are less risky than the old pot or a bucket method of giving water to your chickens.

Did you enjoy this article? What do you do to keep the water you give to your chickens safe and fresh? Feel free to share your opinions and experiences through the comment section via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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