Rats in my Chicken Coop! How To Get Rid Of Them? *tricks & traps included*

Rat problems are very old and yet still common in many chicken coops around the world.

Therefore with time, many chicken keepers have found new and safer methods of getting rid of them. What we at the typesofchicken.com team want to share with you are the most useful ways how to get rid of rats.

Although some people may argue that some of these ways to handle a rat invasion in your coop are unsafe or “primitive” – others are very much pleased by the effectiveness of these methods.

There are roosters and broody hens that will fight a rat and win in many cases but this is best left avoided because rats can carry many transmittable diseases. This is why getting rid of rats should be done as soon as the first signs appear.

5. Poison

Using poison on rats in and around your coop is not recommended for the obvious reasons, your chickens may get poisoned too even if you are too careful when using the poison.

But poison can be very effective against rats, especially if the number of rats in your coop is large. So if using poison is necessary make sure that you remove your chickens from the run and the coop to avoid your chickens poisoning on it.

4. Electric Traps

Many people use these around their homes but it is not recommended that you use them in and around your coop because they may attract your chickens. However, they are good around the run where your chickens do not have access to them.

Electric traps are not expensive and are effective but still many people tend not to use them because they can be dangerous for bigger animals not only rats and that means badly hurting their dogs or cats.

Speaking of dogs and cats

3. Dog Or Cat

Most breeds of dogs, even the smaller ones can fend off rats without any problems. The important thing is that the dog recognizes the coop and run as places that need to be protected. With a dog on your side, there are lesser chances that rats will show up in and around your coop.

The same goes with cats. Cats and mice and all that. The important thing is that the cat (learn more: Can chickens eat dry cat food?) will not have access to your chickens because cats can sometimes attack them for no other reason than curiosity.

2. Traps That Are More Civilized

Most chicken keepers use these kinds of traps due to their safety. Older chickens cannot get stuck in them and all that they can do young chicks is trap them inside therefore can be stressful but not deadly.

However many believe that leaving the rat alive when trapping it means spending more time in order to get rid of it or having to drown it afterward. But with all that aside good traps can help you a lot in the process of getting rid of a rat but are not good if there are more than 4 or 5 rats.

1. And Number One Goes To None Other Than The Snap Trap

Possibly the most famous way to catch and get rid of a rat or multiple rats is the snap trap. This is the trap we usually see in cartoons and movies but that does not make them good.

Rats in my chicken coop! How to get rid of rats?
Get rid of rats with Snap Traps

What makes them good is that they are all-natural and you don`t need to use anything that may harm your chickens.

All you need to do is plant them outside of your run and you can re-use them after they have done the job the first time. This is the most famous and the most used way to get rid of rats.

How did/would you get rid of rats? Share your opinions and experiences with us in the comment section below or via e-mail: support@typesofchicken.com

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2 thoughts on “Rats in my Chicken Coop! How To Get Rid Of Them? *tricks & traps included*”

  1. NEVER EVER USE POISONS!!! For every one of those rats that escapes alive and gets eaten by some large bird like an owl or eagle, you are killing those birds of prey. STOP USING POISONS.

  2. Turn water hose on full. Stick hose in holes left by rats or even snakes. Let it run until water come back out the hole. Will drown anything in there and is safe for everyone else. Repeat as needed


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