Keeping Multiple Roosters – 5 tips

Roosters are not so easy to keep, at least not as much as hens. Chicken keepers that keep their chickens for the eggs usually don`t want to keep roosters in their flock.  

There are, however, many chicken keepers that cannot imagine their flock without a couple of roosters – if you are one of them or want to be – this article is for you. We have prepared for you this article about 5 tips for Keeping Multiple Roosters in order to oblige the big number of our readers that wanted to know more about rooster keeping.

1. In Order To Keep More Roosters You Will Need Even More Hens

Raise A Friendly Rooster
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The rooster per hens ratio goes 1 per 7+, which means that if you want to keep roosters in your flock you will need to have a lot of hens. This will prevent rivalry between the roosters and a lot of unnecessary feather pecking in the flock. Believe it or not less than 7 hens are not enough to satisfy the mating needs of one rooster so as we said before – if you want to keep multiple roosters in your flock you will need lots of hens.

2. Multiple Roosters Requires More Space Than Keeping Multiple Hens

It is no secret that roosters can get aggressive, we even have an article to justify and explain that kind of behavior.

Keeping multiple roosters increases the chances of occasional fights in the flock, and if those fights happen in a small space the fighters and the bystanders can get more hurt and it can get very bloody.

This is why keeping multiple roosters requires more space than keeping more hens or one rooster in the flock.

3. Raise more Roosters Together So You Can Have Easier Time Keeping Them

Roosters that are raised together establish their own pecking order while they are young without much fighting and bullying. If you introduce grown roosters to each other the chances are they will make a hell of a mess establishing the pecking order. Also if you introduce a new rooster in your flock not only the rest of the roosters but also the hens will consider him a threat and that will not end well.

So if you want to keep multiple roosters together the best thing to do is get them while they are still young cockerels and start from there.

4. Some Roosters Cannot Be Tamed No Matter How Hard You Try

Raise A Friendly Rooster
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It is better to remove some roosters from your flock than to waste a lot of time trying to make them more friendly.

If a rooster does not fit in your flock and a couple of tries to help him fit in don`t work the best thing for the rest of the flock, you and that particular rooster you can do is give him a new home.

Unfortunately, this can be the case with many roosters so feel free to expect this to happen to your multiple rooster flock.

5.If You Do Not Have The Means Or The Time To Keeping Enough Hens For Your Multiple Roosters – No Hens At All Can Do

Many chicken keepers like to keep a flock containing only roosters only to show off. If you want to have a flock with roosters only the best thing you can do is get them while they are cockerels that have not reached their sexual maturity.

How would you take care of your multiple rooster flock? Please share your opinions with us in the comments below or via e-mail at support@typesofchicken.com


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