What to Feed Chickens at Their Different Stage of Life?

Chickens grow up fast, and for the process of growing up and developing from a chick to a chicken you need take some special care of what you are feeding them. Chickens at different stages of life require slightly different diets. Knowing when and what to feed your chickens is very important for every chicken keeper because this helps you raise better, healthier and friendlier chickens. This is why we at the typesofchicken.com team decided to share our opinion with you about this subject with the hope that you will have clearer image concerning the feeding of your chicks and chickens.

1. What To Feed A Chick?

What to Feed Chickens
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From one-day olds to eight weeks old chicks will require a starter feed, which are crumbs with around 20% protein. Because they are at their early stage of development young chicks require a higher amount of protein to help them grow better. Vaccines are important for the growth of the chicks but what is also very important that you keep them under safe conditions. We have already explained how to make your moveable chicken brooder, which can help you keep your chicks on a natural diet and protect them from predators and other outside threats. Treats are also important, you need to know that there is no certain age where you should start giving treats to your chicks, just make sure that they enjoy the treats as much you enjoy giving it to them. And also I think it is worth mentioning that the size of the treat matters because over-feeding your chicks can lead to problems with their developing digestive system.

2. When Is The Right Time To Start Using Grit And What To Feed Your Chickens After They Are More Than 8 Weeks Old?

We have discussed a lot about chicken grit and how to replace it, but we have never touched the subject of when is the right time to start using it. You need to start using chicken grit as soon as possible if you don’t let your chicks roam and freely peck. If they are outside and enjoy pecking they will peck their own natural grit (sand, small rocks) to help them “chew” better. After your chicks turn 8 weeks old their teenage stage begins and it is time for you to adjust their diet to their needs. You need to lower the amount of protein your teenage chicks get because too much protein may make the pullets start laying earlier and the cockerels get more aggressive. 15 – 17 % protein is good for teenage chicks.

3. After They Turn 18 (weeks)

What to Feed Chickens
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Your chickens should start laying eggs at this age and when they start laying eggs that is when you should include calcium in their feed. If you include a bigger amount of calcium in their diet before they start laying eggs it may damage their kidneys and stomach. With 18% protein and a sufficient amount of calcium every 18 weeks and older chicken should be happy and satisfied. Calcium can be provided from crushed egg shells and protein from mealworms or any kind of meat ( but don’t feed your chickens chicken meat ).

Do you agree with this article, what do you feed your chickens from different ages? Make sure that you share your opinion with us through the comment section or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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