How to Make Your own Movable Chicken BROODER – DIY Project!

We at the typesofchicken.com team want to give our readers the cheapest, most creative and easiest to make DIY projects for their chickens.

Until now we have been primarily focused on projects concerning full grown chickens, for example projects like waterer and toys for your chickens.

Since we all know the issues of letting your chicks outside to free roam or just to peck (predator threats, health problems etc.), we at the typesofchicken.com team wanted to find a way to let our chicks eat, sleep and play safely outside.

So here it is How to make your own movable outdoor chicken brooder:

1. Required Materials

For you to build your own outdoor chicken brooder you will need a small number of materials – some leftover lumber, nails, some hard wire or anything similar (hardware cloth, or some iron graving), and maybe a heating lamp to keep your chicks warm (if you have a bantam hen you can use her to do it). Even if you don’t have these materials they are very cheap to buy.

2. The concept

The concept that this movable outdoor brooder works on that is that it is divided in two areas that are connected by a small door for the chicks to move in and out.

The first and smaller area needs to be fully closed except for the small door that will lead to the other area.

This where you put the heating lamp or a porcelain light fixture if you don’t have a bantam chicken around (make sure you build this area high enough so the chicks will not be able to burn themselves on the heating).

The second area this outdoor movable chicken brooder has is basically a small run, where the chicks can peck and play safely. It is covered in hard wire with no exit. The size of this area is totally up to you and the number of chicks you have.

3. How To Build It

removable chicken brooder
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Start with building the first area using the lumber for the walls, the top and the bottom part of the brooder. As we mentioned above, the dimensions are up to you and the number of chicks you have.

Make sure you make a door so the chicks can go out in the run (second area) and if you have to use artificial lighting make sure you keep the wiring out of their reach as a safety measure.

chicken brooder
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After you finish the first area it is time for you to start working on the second area (small run). Get the hard-wire of whatever of the recommended items mentioned above you have available.

For the top of the second area cut off a part of the hard wire that will be longer than the first area and make sure that the wire can cover the full first area. Connect one side of the wire with the end of the first area that has a door on it.

With the rest of the hard-wire make some walls on each side so the chicks cannot get out. You can use some boards to help you balance the wire out.
Something we want to add in this movable breeder is a small and easy to make waterer out of plastic bottles.

We at the typesofchicken.com team are trying to present to you articles about DIY projects that other than the basic how to `s will leave a lot of room for your imagination and creativity to kick in.

If you have any DIY project that you find interesting and useful make sure to share them with us through the comment section or via e-mail.

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