5 Family – Friendly Chicken Breeds!

We at the typesofchicken.com team try to share with our readers some stuff that will fit best for them and their backyard flock. Until now we have presented you with several DIY projects and upgrades for your chicken coop and every Monday we are focusing on the pros and cons of a particular chicken breed. Now it is time for us to show you some of the best family-friendly chicken breeds in order to help you choose the best breed for your flock if you want to keep your chicken as pets and include your children in the whole process of keeping chickens.

1. Faverolles

Friendly Chicken Breeds
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Faverolles are a very good chicken breed if you want to pet them or brag about them to your friends. Their feathered feed and cheek muffs are making them the perfect add to your family-friendly flock. Faverolles come in two colors white and salmon – now Faverolle chickens are very docile and gentle in nature so that may cause some problems in the pecking order but if you plan on or if you already have a family-friendly flock of chickens the Faverolles will fit in very well with the other chickens and get into your family`s hearts without any trouble at all. If you want to know more about the pros and cons about keeping Faverolles make sure that you check out typesofchicken.com on Monday.

2. Olive Eggers

Olive Egger is not a recognized breed but because I had the pleasure of hanging around with a few samples of the breed in my friends flock I decided to put them on this list. As their name suggests the Olive Eggers lay beautiful olive green eggs. They were first made by mixing different breeds and one of the things that they inherited from their parents is their friendliness. They are small-sized so that makes them perfect for children.

3. Austalorps

Friendly Chicken Breeds
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We have talked a lot before about this particular breed, it was in our weekly pros and cons section and we will include it this list also because that’s how awesome they are. Other than holding the world`s record for producing most eggs in a year, they are very family friendly. Austalorps are the perfect breed for you if you plan to keep them as pets and egg providers for your family.

4. Silkies

Silkie chickens
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These little buggers were also in our weekly pros and cons section, and much as the Australorps they are also one of our favorite breeds and they deserve their own spot in this list. Very fluffy, family-friendly and excellent mothers the Silkies are the breed for you if you want to keep them as pets in your apartment. We can assure that the Silkies can soften up even the meanest little boys if you plan on keeping them close to your children.

5. Cochins

A large breed of chickens they can be a perfect add to your flock in any way you want. What makes them perfect for a family-friendly flock is that they are a very calm breed. Not very enthusiastic about their curiosity they will still wander around your backyard in a very lazy manner. They will sit in your lap for hours and enjoy petting as much the rest of the breeds on this list.
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