Pros & Cons About Keeping Faverolles Chicken!

As we promised in one of our previous articles this Monday we will give our readers an article about the Pros & Cons of keeping Faverolle chickens.

We at the typesofchicken.com team started these weekly articles about the pros and cons of keeping a particular chicken breed with the purpose of helping you with choosing the next addition to your flock.

This is why we are primarily focusing on chicken breeds that you can mostly find in more experienced chicken keeper`s flocks.

Chicken breeds that are famous for their egg-laying presence or friendliness, we at the typesofchicken.com team want to give you the best ideas for the next addition to your flock.

Pros about keeping the Faverolle  chickens:

1. A Family-friendly breed

Faverolles Chicken
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Calm in their character this is the perfect breed for you if you want to teach your children the process of chicken keeping. Sweet and adorable this breed is the one that most everyone finds irresistible.

They have feathery feet and unlike most breeds, they have a wonderful beard which makes them particularly cuddly and enjoyable.

2. Easy to find and catch

Now, this is a very big pro about keeping this particular breed because they are calm and a bit slow.

If you enjoy letting your chickens free roam you seriously need to consider getting yourself one or more Faverolles for your flock.

If your Faverolle runs away from the flock or your yard they can be easy to find because of their large size and they are slow which is pretty much uncommon for any other breed out there.

The Faverolles are calm by nature which means that you will not have any trouble catching them once you`ve found them.

3. Good egg layers in winter

Faverolles Chicken
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Although their eggs are medium in size at most they can provide you with a sufficient amount of eggs during the winter.

Most breeds are pausing the process of egg-laying during the winter and if you want fresh eggs during the winter make sure that you get one or more Faverolles for your flock.

Cons about keeping Faverolle chickens:

1. They are loud!!

Faverolles Chicken
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Any Faverolle keeper will tell you this – they are very “talkative” and loud.

This is not very good if you have a baby in your house or a dog that is particularly loud as well. If you plan on keeping Faverolles make sure that you get a sufficient amount of sleep and you had discussed this with your family because they can get into never-ending conversations with each other.

2. They can get easily bullied

Because of their calmness they can easily get bullied and put into the lower end of the pecking order. Although many chickens wouldn’t bully this breed at the beginning because of their size, that will soon change after they acknowledge their calmness and friendliness.

The Faverolles are the loners and socially awkward ones in the chicken world so if you want to get one or more Faverolles for your flock you need to make sure that you keep this fact in mind.

Do you agree with our list? Kindly share your opinion about this particular breed with us through the comment section, or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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2 thoughts on “Pros & Cons About Keeping Faverolles Chicken!”

  1. I don’t know why anyone would say they are loud? They are very quiet compared to most breeds I have kept. They will talk to me if I talk to them, which is quite endearing. But they are by no means loud. Guineas are loud! Faverolles are just smart 😀

  2. I’ve raised both hatchery Faverolles and exhibition Faverolles. There’s a huge difference. But thank God the hatcheries didn’t mess up their character too much. Exhibition bred birds make the most wonderful backyard chicken pet in the world. But hatchery bred Favs are great also, just smaller and not as loose feathered. Much darker in feather color bc of all the recessives and lack of good selection. One thing you left out was their egg color. Egg color tends to be light pink. Also exhibition Favs lay larger eggs. Hatchery bred stock tends to lay a medium sized egg at best. You’re right though they don’t mix with other breed very well. I often raise them separate. They do better as adults and free ranging than in close confinement with other breeds. If kept alone they can stand confinement. Pretty good job though!


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