4 Essential Strategies for Simplifying Chicken Care

We at the typesofchicken.com team want to give our readers as many ideas as we can to improve their lives as chicken keepers or inspire them to become chicken keepers. We want to get around everything concerning chicken keeping and chickens in general.

Until now we have touched the subjects of treats, water bathing, chicken breeds, improvement of chicken coops etc. What we have not made for our readers yet are 5 tips that can make your life as a chicken keeper easier.

1. “Closing” the run is always a good Idea

Life As A Chicken Keeper
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Many chicken keepers I know forget one very important thing to do when designing their runs.

They forget to put a roof on it made from chicken wire or some similar material, it is very useful because it will stop your chickens from jumping over the fence of the run and still let them have the same amount of sunlight.

2. Scheduling Regular Physical Exams Can Be Life-saving for Your Chickens

Allowing your chickens to roam freely is beneficial, but it is equally vital to schedule regular physical exams for them.

Conducting these exams helps in early detection and prevention of lice, mites, and more severe health issues in your flock. Understanding the individual needs of each bird enables prioritization during check-ups, ensuring the well-being of the entire flock. Regular health assessments are essential for maintaining a healthy, productive poultry environment.

Familiarizing yourself with each chicken’s behavior and characteristics will aid in identifying any signs of illness or distress promptly.

3. Enhance Your Chicken Coop for the Welfare of Both New and Existing Flock Members

Before introducing new chickens to your flock, consider upgrading your coop.

Implement additions such as nets or wooden boards to segregate new and existing flock members until they acclimate to one another.

This proactive approach can mitigate bullying and alleviate potential issues arising from integrating new chickens into an established flock with a pre-existing pecking order. By ensuring a smooth transition, you promote harmony and well-being within the poultry community.

4. Conduct Research on Your Chicken Breeds

Today’s chicken keepers are fortunate to have access to a wealth of information about their favorite hobby.

Investing time in researching the specific breeds within your flock will enlighten you about their capabilities, expected behaviors, and products.

Life As A Chicken Keeper
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This knowledge not only facilitates easier flock maintenance but also enhances your understanding and management of each breed’s unique characteristics and needs.

By studying your breeds, you can optimize the care and environment for your chickens, ensuring a thriving and productive flock.

5. Assist Your Chickens in Engaging in Regular Exercise

Encouraging your chickens to engage in regular exercise can prevent late-night bullying and avoid excess weight gain, contributing to their overall health and well-being.

Incorporating exercise into their routine is not only beneficial but also enjoyable.

To facilitate this, we at TypesOfChicken.com recommend utilizing one of our innovative toy ideas, designed to make your chickens work for their treats. These activities not only promote physical health but also provide enrichment, making for a happier, healthier flock.

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