8 Most Dangerous Chicken Predators. Be Aware of Number 2!!

Dangerous Chicken Predators

Keeping chicken is a very good thing to do, as a hobby or as a profession, but chickens are in comparison with other more dangerous animals they are small and vulnerable.

This makes them a perfect target for certain predators. My bet is because people from every corner of the world are keeping chickens and they are literally everywhere, there are predators that enjoy chicken meat everywhere. We want your chicken to be safe and that is why we at the typesofchicken.com team decided to share our opinion on the 8 most dangerous chicken predators:

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Do raccoons eat chickens?

Want to know what killed your chicken? Do raccoons eat chickens? Well, the short answers is YES. Raccoons are very stealthy animals, they hunt in the middle of the night. They want “easy” food. Also, they are more prone to raiding a trash bag. Raccoons are opportunists. They eat pretty much everything, and on occasion, … Read more