Do raccoons eat chickens?

Want to know what killed your chicken? Do raccoons eat chickens? Well, the short answers is YES.

Raccoons are very stealthy animals, they hunt in the middle of the night.

Do raccoons eat chickens?

They want “easy” food. Also, they are more prone to raiding a trash bag.

Raccoons are opportunists. They eat pretty much everything, and on occasion, they will sneak into chicken houses and attack chickens.

They would be more likely to kill and eat babies or young ones than full-grown large chickens.

How can I stop raccoons from eating my chickens?

Nothing is foolproof, but if they have another (more convenient) food source, they may not want to bother with your chickens. In our experience, they love cat food.

We suggest you try setting out several small bowls of cat food nightly.

Set them in different areas around your home.

If you had any experiences dealing with raccoons please share it in the comment below.

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