How many eggs do chickens lay a day?

If you stumbled here, you always wondered how many eggs do chickens lay a day?

Well, the amount of eggs that a chicken lays in a day can vary depending on a number of factors.

While most chickens are known to lay five eggs a week or one every other days, the number of eggs can also depend on breed, age and environment.

Certain chicken breeds lay more eggs than others. You therefore need to do your research before buying chickens so that you get the right breed for your intended use.

How many eggs do chickens lay a day?

Egg production is also dependent on a hen’s age. The older the hen gets, the less eggs she will produce. It is therefore important that you take this into consideration before buying chickens.

The weather can impact egg production as well. This is because hens need vitamin D in order to produce healthy eggs, therefore the more sunlight she gets, the more she’ll produce.

This is why many hens produce less eggs in winter.

So if you live in a colder, darker area your chickens will probably produce less eggs than those living in a warmer area.

You can trick hens into producing up to 300 eggs a year by having a UV lamp in the coop. This will trick the hens into believing that it is summer and they will start producing more eggs.

There is one very important thing that can influence the quality of the eggs and the mood of the hen – the coop. The quality of the chicken coop is crucial for you if you are serious about breeding chicken so i highly recommend that you (invest in this manual). This manual helped me and many other people to make chicken breeding easier and more simple.

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