Brown eggs vs white eggs- Which one is healthier?

Brown has always been people’s choice when it comes to health over taste. They always prefer to buy brown sugar, brown bread, wheat pasta, and other such things.

But is it so, when it comes to eggs?

The color of the eggs basically depends on the breed of the chicken. White-feathered chickens that have white earlobes lay white eggs and reddish-brown feathered chickens that have red earlobes lay brown eggs.

The color of the egg cannot describe its quality. The only difference in these eggs is that brown one is more expensive than the white one.

As per a research, there is no difference in the nutritional value of these eggs, except for the fact that brown eggs have more Omega-3 fatty acid. Now, this is up to the user whether they want to spend more money just for this reason or not.

Another research by Dr. Gargi Sharma explains that paying more for these eggs is beneficial for those who are looking for a protein-rich diet while not compromising on cholesterol and calories. There are many people who think brown Eggs are organic but that is not so, if the chicken is fed with regular food then these eggs can’t be considered organic.

Now the question arises why do we have more white eggs in the market than brown eggs?

The answer is that raising white-feathered chickens is cheaper as compared to their brown counterpart. This is one of the reasons why you have to pay more for the brown eggs.

The taste of the egg depends on the type of food fed to the chicken. You might notice the difference in their taste, as reddish-brown chickens are fed differently. If they both are fed with the same kind of food then you might not able to identify the difference in their taste.

The main thing that affects the quality of eggs is whether they are genuine or not. Means you can find eggs which are created using machines and are not laid by chickens. So, next time while buying eggs you should focus on the quality of chicken than the color of the egg.

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