Facebook Groups Every Chicken Keeper Should Join!

For today’s article we have decided to announce you the best facebook groups every chicken keeper should join. Informative and educational information which can be very useful to every beginner in chicken keeping, as well the well experienced keepers.

Posting your daily dose of eggs which your chickens produce, if your chicken is experiencing some health issues, everything can be found. Chicken Keepers are big community on facebook, and with communication and exchange of experiences, they stay strong and united in their passion – raising backyard chickens.

Note: all the groups bellow, that we have chosen are perfect for every chicken keeper, no matter their experience.


1. Backyard Chickens

With approximately 65.000 members, this is one of the biggest and most active groups on facebook. Here You can find everything you need for your chickens, as well your chicken coop. Please make sure you read the rules before you join in the groups description.

2. Chicken Keeping 101

20.500 active member posting about their chickens. Perfect group if you are beginner in raising chickens. A lot to learn from this group.

In Groups Description: A DIY educational group for chicken (and poultry) enthusiasts to share their successes and failures of poultry keeping. There will be potentially gross pictures on posts at times (fecal matter, underdeveloped embryos, etc.) although is this a natural aspect of poultry keeping, for some it is disturbing. We ask that you turn off ‘notifications’ for this page if you find them cringe-worthy, thus eliminating them from your regular newsfeed.

3. Central Oregon Chickens 101

Screenshot_2This group is created for anyone that loves chickens, wishes to teach, learn, or just share their passion for poultry. (Please make sure you read the rules.)

With 2.600 members this is not one of the biggest groups on facebook, but sure is the most active group.

Great thing – They organize giveaways during the year, so make sure you join them sooner.

4. The Chickenistas!


Are your chickens treated like pets? Do you name them? Do you enjoy talking about “fluffy butts” and looking at cute chicken pictures? You are probably a Chickenista! The Chickenistas group is a gentle community of folks who care about chickens and each other. Many of us are talented artists, designers, writers, and crafts people who share our chickeny arts and crafts with each other as well as sharing the joys and sorrows that come with loving chickens as pets. If you think you are a Chickenista, then come join the flock!

With approximately 11.000 members this is the perfect groups for you if you truly love chickens, and having them as your pets.

5. BYC (BackYardChickens)

44.500 Active Members!
This is a poultry-only teaching, learning, and support page. Our goal is for members to have a positive experience on this page. Please follow these rules when interacting with other members in this group.


Did we miss any? Feel free to comment and share your favorite in the comments section bellow!!!

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