Chicken Entertainment 101

Bored chickens feather peck each other, and that is definitely not good for them and for their chicken keepers. 

This is one of the reasons why entertaining your chickens is very important. Another reason is nutrition, giving your chickens highly nutritious treats can help them in the process of egg production and with their well-being in general.

We at the typesofchicken.com team have discussed the subject of chicken entertaining a lot since we started this page and we do not plan to stop giving articles about it anytime soon.

1. Entertaining Chickens Is Very Easy

via Flickr
via Flickr

The chicken mind registers everything unusual as entertainment. From daily chores to the keeper just walking around the run in a time when chickens are not used to seeing him or she will be entertaining to them. Backyard chicken keeping is getting into more and more hearts daily and the easy way of chicken entertainment has motivated many modern chicken keepers to improvise when doing this.

2. The Many Forms Of Modern Chicken Entertainment

Since backyard chicken keeping has grown a lot in the last decade many chicken keepers have found new and modern ways to entertain their chickens:

  • Watching A Movie With Your Chickens

Most chicken keepers are not aware of this but chickens LOVE watching TV. One good example of modern chicken entertainment is letting your chickens watch something on a laptop. Using a laptop is best because you can easily place it somewhere where it can be seen, but not touched by your chickens.

  • Other Than Movies Chicken Also Love Watching Themselves

Placing a mirror in front of a chicken will make that chicken quiet and calm for a while due to the fact that the chicken will be busy enjoying looking itself in the mirror. Doing this for a flock may require a bigger mirror but it will make many afternoons quieter and calming.

Chickens Love To Play – But They Can Play & Work At The Same Time

The best example of this method of chicken entertainment is the chicken tunnel. The chicken tunnel provides a new environment and soil to peck for chickens and in return, they will prepare the soil for gardening.

Also removing weeds from a garden can be very easy if the chicken keeper just puts some of the chicken’s favorite treats around the unwanted weeds and just let the chickens roam the garden. Of course, in order for this to work perfectly chicken-proofing, your garden would be smart.

3. Healthy Treats Are The Way To Go – But How Far?

Giving toys to chickens that are also healthy for them is very good.

It is also one of the best ways to keep your chickens happy and healthy during weather changes. But chickens can get overfed and that may lead to bigger problems than the ones that are prevented with healthy toys.

Monitor the amount of feed and treats your chickens take and this will not be an issue.

To make the process of giving treats to chickens even more entertaining many chicken keepers like to prepare recipes for their chickens. This is also one of our favorite way of entertaining our chickens and if you want to try it make sure that you check out our recipe articles.

4. Toys That Will Make Your Chickens Exercise Are Available And Easy To Make

  • The Classic Bottle With Treats
toys for chickens

A plastic bottle with a few holes in it and half filled with treats that chickens love will make the chickens play with it for hours until they`ve emptied up the bottle. This is a classic treat toy that many chicken keepers like to use.

  • The Treat Skewer That Can Take Up Your Extra Time But It Is Worth It
Toys For Your Chickens

Your old meat skewer has outlived its usefulness or not? You can adjust it into a great toy for your chickens in order to make them work for a living. This method has not been used too many times yet but we believe that many chicken keepers would like to try it. (If you want to know more about this toy and how it works check out this link).

5. Easy And Simple Toys Are Easier And Simpler Than Many Chicken Keepers Think

Sometimes when chicken keepers notice signs of boredom in their flock they want to react instantly. In this case, the best thing you can do is quickly provide them with one of these fast and easy-to-make toys.

  • The Bug Branch

An old branch that is filled with bugs can quickly get the attention of chickens because they are familiar with the taste of bugs and cannot wait to peck at rotten branches. Just put it in front of your chickens and let the fun take its course.

  • Pumpkins, Watermelons And Sunflower Seeds

Whole sunflower heads with the seeds, a pumpkin or a watermelon cut in half will kill the boredom in chickens very fast and they are very effective and healthy.

  • The Yogurt Bag

Make small holes in a bag fill it with yogurt and place it above the chickens. Once the yogurt starts to drip you will have a bunch of jumpy and excited chickens instead of bored and aggressive ones.

How do you prefer to entertain your chickens? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below or via e-mail at support@typesofchicken.com

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