When To Expect Your Hen To Lay Her First Egg – 3 MOST IMPORTANT Tips!

It is not rare that a chicken lays its first egg too early or a bit late. This may cause many problems if a chicken keeper is not prepared to maintain the egg. To calculate the time when your hen will lay her first egg you will need to know a few things about that particular hen.  This is also a frequently asked question in our e-mails so these are the 3 MOST IMPORTANT Tips How To Know When To Expect Your Hen To Lay Her First Egg.

1. Know Your Breed!

When To Expect Your Hen To Lay
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Knowing the breed that your growing hen belongs to is important because most breeds if properly taken care of should lay their first egg about the same time. By doing some research on your particular breed of chickens you can find out that breeds have many similar attributes and that will be very useful in taking care of your chickens. Also knowing your breed will help you decide on the treats you should give them.

2. Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are crucial in the chicken reproduction process and weather conditions can delay or postpone the first egg a hen lays. Not only the temperature but also the amount of sunshine your chickens get daily is very important for their ability to lay eggs. You can adapt to the weather conditions by upgrading your chicken coop or building it properly.

3. The Food You Give To Your Chickens Is Important

We have mentioned before what kind of food you should feed your chickens at their different stages of life. Feeding your chickens properly in their early and teenage stages of life may prevent your young hen laying her first egg early or late. The food you give to your chickens is important for every part of their well being from the quality of the egg to the shine of their feathers.

When To Expect Your Hen To Lay
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In every positive aspect of chicken keeping there is one thing that is most important and that is hygiene. We at the typesofchicken.com team recommend that you regularly clean your chicken coop and dust and water bathe your chickens in order to prevent mites and a lot of spreadable illnesses. Also maintaining hygiene in the feeder, the waterer and the run can prevent predators and many transmittable diseases.

Do you agree with our list? What methods do you use to calculate when the eggs are coming?
Feel free to share your opinions with us through the comment section or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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  1. 4. Health Condition – from day old proper health management should ensure. Brooding is the most important management program at all life stages of chicken. The future of your chicken depends on your brooding management program and growth performance may depend on it. Growth rate will speak chicken maturity when to lay egg. Stunted growth would delay laying time.


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