The Great Jackfruit Debate: Is it Safe for Chickens to Eat this Tropical Fruit?

It is generally not recommended to feed jackfruit to chickens. Jackfruit is not toxic to chickens, but it is not a natural part of their diet and may not provide all the necessary nutrients that chickens need to stay healthy. Chickens should be fed a balanced diet that includes a mix of grains, greens, and … Read more

Can chickens eat artichokes? (COOKED vs CANNED)

can chickens eat artichokes?

Did you ever wonder if chickens can eat artichokes? Have they tried it before? Are they picky eaters and only want certain foods, or will they eat just about anything? We love chickens, but didn’t know the first thing about them until we started raising some. So, we did a bit of research to find … Read more

Great solutions to reduce Chicken Feed waste

Wasted chicken feeds can cost you more than you’re willing to charge as wastage. So if you’re planning or are already raising chickens in your backyard, keeping wastage to a minimum is essential. Your choice of chicken feeder will help you save on feeds by reducing or eliminating wasted feeds. Although store-bought poultry feeders are … Read more

5 Things You Can Add To Your Chicken Feed!

Chicken Feed

Whether you are making your own or buying commercial chicken feed, there are still some things you can add to your feed so that you can improve your chicken’s diet. This can be helpful if you are not keen on spending money on the more expensive chicken feeds out there, but you are buying the … Read more