DIY Spinning Wheel Toy For Your Chickens!

More than a source of pure fun, chickens need entertainment so that they can exercise and socialize more efficiently. Both regular exercise and socializing are important to maintain a happy pecking order. The spinning wheel toy for your chickens is easy to make, and it is not a lot time-costly.

This toy can also be used to handle aggressive roosters since they need to waste a lot of energy in order to bully less.

The DIY Spinning Wheel Toy For Your Chickens May Just Be The Most Entertaining Idea EVER!

It is a one chicken toy, so it can really toughen up the pecking order even when they are playing in the run. Make sure that the other chickens have something else to focus on while they take turns, and they will.

Making the toy is simple and all it takes is an old bike, a toolbox, a bunch of chickens and some creativity.

People have already made the toy. What they also did is make a hilarious video out of it:

No need to thank us for the good laugh, we only shared the video.

You can use an old bike, take one of the tires out and connect it to a long cylindric pipe. Bury a quarter of the pipe in the ground so that when the wheel spins it does not fall. Or you can just put the empty side of the pipe into a concrete brick, it will hold.

Before rushing to make it, please note that the pipe does not need to spin, only the wheel – makes things a lot easier that way.

Greet the upcoming summer heat with a nice playful toy in the shade for your chickens. The spinning wheel toy for your chickens will make sure that they don’t get bored, especially those that get bored easily.

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