What do you put in a chick brooder? *materials, off heat, health hazard*

chicks in a brooder

A poultry brooder houses/heats hatchling poultry until they can be off heat, replacing mother hens.  The rule is, starting at 95F, 5F degrees lower each week (by raising the heating element) until they have either fully feathered out or have experienced the same lowest ambient temperature as outside (i.e. lowest outside temperature is 75F degrees … Read more

Raising Baby Chickens After Hatching: Do`s And Don`ts

Raising Baby Chickens After Hatching

Baby chickens are very cute. Them expressing any emotion can make any cold heart feel warmer. But since they are babies, they are very gentle and require some finesse when taken care off. This is why raising baby chickens after hatching can be a little bit challenging.

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