Little Girl is rocking on TikTok (we can all learn from her)

Okay, this is not a normal type of blog post that we write. I stumbled upon a chicken account on TikTok, and I was amazed!

We normally write about tips and tricks for raising chickens, but this girl got our attention!

Firstly, you can find her mostly on TikTok. Here is the account name: farm_12344

She is doing this for almost 3 years, and we’re not sure how old is she.

Most little girls are not even close interested in doing farm chores, but this girl is definitely rocking it! She is so responsible!

If you’re using TikTok, this will be the best account for you to follow.

Here is one of the videos where she is showing how she cares about chickens.


She’s getting tons of comments like:

This is the best account ever 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 😁😁😁

Good work you’re being responsible😁😁😁

I love this account I love watching them

I love acc so much and I love animals and especially like chickens

You sound so sweet

What‘s your Main acc?🥺Your animals are soooo cute🥰❤️

Gurl I was here when you first stared I was your diary’s viewer I think and you have grown so much I am so proud of you!!!

Omg how do you do this I cant even do it, My whole entire family farms lol😂


Tell me why this is so interesting and THIS IS THE BEST ACC EVER THAT I SAW ABOUT CHICKENS

When she is busy, she tends to post short videos for her audience.

We picked this one, hope you will enjoy it.


One of her excuses is that she doesn’t post a lot is this:

Sorry I have not posted lately been so busy with testing at school if you live in Indiana you know what I mean probably

@ farm_12344

This girl is taking care of 40 chickens and 2 batches of chicks are on the way! 😳

Also, one of the comments that got my attention too was: “Protect this child at all cost!

Well, the commenter is totally right! Being responsible, caring and full of patience is what makes this girl so special.

Chickens are not the only animals that she is taking care of. In one of her videos, she is explaining how she is making treats for rabbits! Breed of the rabbits is unknown, maybe cross bread.


In one of her videos, she was showing and describing to her fans the rabbit’s “house”. It was a temporary “cage” as she mentioned, and a lot of the time on TikTok you can get a lot of hate via comments, particularly for NOTHING!

It’s so sad that we live in a world, where a kid can’t make a TikTok account about her bunnies without worrying people will be rude.

She defends herself: “Before you come at me” 🥺 and one of the commenters: DON”T WORRY GIRL, WE GOT YOU!

You can check the video below.


We hope this article brightens up your day, and we would all love to have a kid like this!

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