Which Building Materials Are Safe And Which Are Not For Chickens To Peck At!

A big number of chicken keepers, especially the DIY type have experienced their chickens pecking at the materials that were used inside or outside of the chicken coop. This, in most cases, is not that important or bad for the chickens but from time to time chickens can peck at things that are build of materials that are unsafe for them and that can lead to more trouble soon after.

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Choosing The Right Bedding For Chickens

bedding for your chickens

The bedding you choose for your chickens is very important and it can make you life as a chicken keeper easier. While the instinct might be to run with the cheapest and simple to tidy up choices

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Fixing A Muddy Run – How To Do It!

Fixing A Muddy Run

Having a muddy run around your chicken coop can have a bad affect on the health of your chickens.  It can increase the chances of your chickens getting bumblefeet and of course bad hygiene which can be easily transferred inside of the coop and that leads to many more problems. This is why a well maintained run is as important as a well maintained coop. 

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How To Protect Your Coop From Cats & Dogs!

Chickens attract a lot of predators – foxes, raccoons, eagles and domesticated cats and dogs.

Cats and dogs are especially dangerous for small chicks.

Many chicken keepers own also cats or dogs and that can sometimes be a problem if your chickens are not properly protected.

That is what made us, the typesofchicken.com team prepare an article for our readers concerning the protection of your chickens from the most common household pets.

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Ventilation In Your Chicken Coop – Why Is It Important & How To Provide It

Ventilation In Your Coop

Many chicken keepers tend to forget the importance of ventilation in their coop and they build their coop without leaving room for it.

Ventilation is important both for the summer and the winter for your chickens.

Forgetting to add ventilation in your chicken coop plans may lead to some problems later in your time as a chicken keeper. This is what inspired us at the typesofchicken.com team to prepare this article for our readers.

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Mistakes Chicken Keepers Tend To Make When Building Their Chicken Coops

Mistakes Chicken Keepers Tend To Make

Building your chicken coop is not very hard – all you need is some time, the right materials and of course the right source of information on how to do it. When chicken keepers make their coops they are aware of the crucial things a chicken coop needs to have, four walls, a window or two, a door and a roof. There are however, some things that some chicken keepers tend to forget or just are not aware of them that are very important for the well being of their chickens.

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How to get rid of flies in a chicken coop

How to Protect Your Chicken Coop From Flies

Chickens can be dirty, they require scheduled clean-ups and proper care so that more illnesses can be avoided.

Flies can be a constant problem during hot summer days, and there are many things around your coop that attract them.

From the bad smell of feces to the moisture that can occur in your coop. Flies are dangerous illness carriers when it comes to chicken, and that is why we at the typesofchicken.com team for this article will give you a few tips on how to get rid of flies in a chicken coop.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Chicken Coop – DIY Projects!

Improve Your Chicken Coop

We at the typesofchicken.com team are focusing on presenting you some DIY projects that you will find useful and easy to make.

Before doing this article we were having a long discussion about which one of these projects we should present you with today, and what we decided is that we can stuff them into one article. We agreed upon this decision because we believe that our readers deserve our best.

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4 Steps For Cleaning Your Chicken Coop The Natural Way

Clealning your chicken coop

Before I get on the subject I would like to say that in the process of keeping my chickens and my other animals, I try to use as little chemicals as possible.

Somehow I think that using chemicals – even the approved ones – is not the right way of keeping the places around your animals clean. I try to do my best to keep it natural when doing these things, for me, it makes more sense.

This is why I want to share with you my ways of cleaning my chicken coop the natural way and I hope that you will consider using this method because not only they are natural but cheaper also.

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3 Main Reasons Why Is The Position of Your Chicken Coop Important!

position of your chicken coop

In our recent articles, the typesofchicken.com Team has covered most of the basics of keeping chickens, so now it is time for us to dig a little deeper, for example – why is the position of your chicken coop important for your chickens.

We have discussed already how important is the behavior of your chickens for their reproduction process, and one of the things that affect their behavior the most is the position of their chicken coops.

You will be amazed how big of a factor is this thing for your chickens.

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