How To Keep Your Chickens Hydrated! Read Carefully No.4

Keeping your chickens hydrated is very important and it is not easy as many people say it is. Every chicken keeper needs to know how to keep their chickens hydrated. And the amount of water chickens receive should be changed when weather changes appear. There are also many things you can add to the water so that you can boost the chicken`s immune system. Knowing how to keep your chickens hydrated properly has many advantages to the chicken`s health. This is why we at the typesofchicken.com team decided that for this article we will give you some instructions on that particular subject.

1. Reasons To Change The Amount Of Water You Give To Your Chickens

One of the most common reasons to change the amount of water you give to your chickens, as we mentioned above, is change of weather conditions. Or if you add more chickens to your flock remember to upgrade your waterer” so that you can prevent bullying. If a cold is running in the flock you might want to give water and food to your sick chickens separately.

2. What Can You Add To The Water, And Why

There are things that you can add to the water that you give to your chickens in order to add some nutritious materials to their diet. Adding electrolytes or freshly squeezed lemon juice can prepare your chickens both for the winter and the summer. By regularly preparing some healthy cocktails for your chickens you can boost up their immune system and even make it easier for them when they go through molting.

3. Water Is Not The Only Thing That Can Keep Your Chickens Hydrated

Keep Your Chickens Hydrated
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Chickens enjoy yogurt, and they like to mess themselves up while having it as a treat. Mixing yogurt with tuna fish, or maybe some freshly squeezed or crushed fruits or vegetables can be good for your chickens. Giving a liquid mixture with yogurt and some of the above will be also fun for your chickens. This is not a replacement for water but it is a very good addition to the method of keeping your chickens hydrated.

4. There Is Something As Too Much Water

Keep Your Chickens Hydrated
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If chickens drink too much water it can affect their digestive system negatively. It can cause problems such as your chickens being overweight and vomiting. By building a waterer or a nipple dripper you can control and change the amount of water your chickens receive. The waterer and the nipple dripper should be cleaned once in a few months in order to prevent bacteria stacking up.

5. What Not To Do With Water

If you are using grit for your chickens make sure that it is not into contact with water, it needs to stay dry. The inside of your coop should be dry also in order to prevent flies and other insects that like moist places. Do not leave buckets or plates with water during the night because that can attract Make sure that your chickens CANNOT get their heads stuck when they are drinking water.

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